Thursday, June 8, 2017

Has the era of Political Correctness ended?

There is a huge pressure on Govt to stop politically correct behavior and go for the jugular in trying to nip terrorism in the bud. Is that good or bad? First question is whether being politically correct has left us in too secure a situation where we don’t worry about people’s skin color or religion, and WE SHOULD.

This question is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. If there are 5 million muslims in the UK and there are 150 dedicated terrorists lurking about planning their next move, should all 5 million suffer, be suspects, have people look at them differently, have all their mosques bugged and the such like to possibly, YES POSSIBLY detect one or two incidents before they happen.

Then how do you stop it. Like in Sri Lanka just defeat terrorism totally. Sri Lanka was lucky we killed the terrorist leader, the cause of the trouble so that few could carry the cudgels and back someone else. I understand that the Government also killed the family, so that no one can rise up, unlike Osama Bin Laden’s son (one of his many sons) who has decided to take up where his father left off and continue the radical path to glory!

The authorities are caught between a rock and hard place in order to make this decision, as the majority of Britons could clamour for more policing more checking on Muslims and keeping tabs on them, and Muslim British in return will feel like foreigners in their own Country, MORE SO than they feel today, as some probably feel that, to turn into fanatics as they have some grudge against the host country. This is a sociological problem of when cultures DON’T mix, as they have a distinct culture. Many blacks have a black identity they wish to keep and ghettoize themselves creating a self perpetuating Gang and Drug Culture that has never been properly resolved. It is the middle class blacks who live in mixed neighborhoods in places like Atlanta GA that have been able to get out of this prophecy by climbing up the social ladder and trying to integrate some with difficulty with Whites but effectively giving up any trappings of black identity and culture.

In the Sri Lankan sense you get the same. You get the Tamil suburbs of Scarboro where you have streets of Tamils hardly mingling with any other Canadians of any European descent! They may integrate with intermarriage but it may be a slow process.

The issue with Islam is that the religion encompasses a way of life built around the mosque and call to prayer 5 times a day, and the need to go to Muslim schools and with the strict dietary habits can only obtain Halal food in only certain places and therefore they congregate OUT OF CHOICE to live with other MUSLIMS only to the chagrin of the host community who would like them to integrate and don’t see why they don’t, not understanding their particular religious beliefs.

Actually the Amish also behave like these Muslims but as they are so small in number and they live isolated lives that ensure they don’t even mix, do not cause a lot of problems outside their own community. I don’t know about young Amish boys and girls who give up their ties and move to the mainstream, they may do it for a short time or forever, but it rarely ends in bloodshed.

We must also be proportionate in understanding and taking action, as terrorism is such a small event, in terms of the number of other mishaps one faces in a day, but it gets more publicity out of all proportion to its numerical worth due to the world we live in and the people therefore are open to being scared and press their government for more action.

I don’t know how much resources the Security Forces are putting into this area, but I am sure a lot is being spent to find this needle in a haystack crime. Therefore if one looks at it in an objective way the spend in trying to second guess where the nest terror strikes may cost at the rate of 1Billion Pounds per death from terrorism a very high price to pay for finding this needle!

It is therefore important that we keep a sense of proportion, in a Country that does NOT have unlimited resources to fight a scourge. The fact we allowed this state of affairs to get to this stage is the problem. If one then goes to the base of this it could be the formation of the State of Israel as far as Musilim terrorism is concerned. Then the US interventions over the years in places like Libya and Iraq merely destabilized them, causing the problem and NOT solving it. So it seems dictators are necessary evil in keeping those countries stable and not falling into anarchy as Democracy just does not seem to part and parcel of their psyche, being better served by a dictator. One could then point to the MR regime too as one that had some stability despite the crimes committed by the state in the name of law and order and stability.

This is a constant argument that does not go away, and especially at Election time, the parties are playing further games of make believe in order to hold onto power or gain power adding another dimension!

We can therefore safely conclude that whatever action we take may not be the best in hindsight, even though at the time it was made it seemed the best. In that sense those in government dictator or democrat has the lives of millions and the worry of billions under their power. If they use it unwisely many people suffer. To me after Trump, I cannot see any improvement in democracy from fascism!

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  1. Ban religious and racial political parties, they can have organizations to put pressure on the Govt. but leave it at that.

    As for extremism it is in ALL parties, so we have to get to moderates of all races, and religions to promote unity and one nation concept as a matter of national and civic pride. This is obligatory for a nation. As it does not affect individual rights kept to the enclosure of your own home!