Friday, June 9, 2017

The Saudi Arabian Footballers in Australia – Should be banished from international competition for life – UNLESS

They did it as an act of defiance against their own Federation and the Saudi Govt. as a means of showing their displeasure about the policies and practices of their Government. That means they are showing signs of the “Freedom of expression” though it is a warped method of doing so!

SO what is all this about? Simply that at an international Soccer competition, against the Australian side at the Adelaide Oval, at some point in the match a minute of silence was observed as a ‘mark of respect’ for those who perished at the London Bridge bombing where two young Australian Females lost their lives by being butchered by one or all of three Religious Fanatics in the name of THEIR GOD.

Firstly, even if you do not subscribe to the mark of respect, in order to be respectful of the OCCASION, you simply stand and do nothing for 60 goddam seconds. Instead BAR 1 decent guy, the others ignored this and began playing the ball, while the other Saudi spectators ALSO ignored this gesture by actively moving about and shouting as if to show DISPLEASURE at the gesture.

Taking all this into consideration, I have given them the benefit of the doubt, as their Federation itself apologized to the Australians for their actions which implied it is NOT official policy to behave that way which is why I assumed it to be their act of defiance against their AUTHORITY showing their displeasure. Of course I accept that I can be wrong.

There were some who said that they behaved like that as a show of disgust, as they believe in an Islam which says that the killing of non-believers is actually to be commended in their religion. Who will say that?  If that is what the religion does indeed preach, we have a serious problem with religious tolerance as far as our Islam adherents are concerned. I trust it is ONLY ISIS who do that, and these players were NOT sympathetic to them. I wish someone to elaborate.

Of course there is a lot of surmising here, as I simply cannot logically explain this action by these players who SHOULD respect international norms, as that is what it is. After all the FA had rejected other shows of solidarity such as armbands as contrary to IFA rules so is this moment of silence also contrary to such? I don’t know the answer to that and maybe someone will enlighten me on that.

So to conclude, if upon investigation it is found that this behavior was sanctioned, then I pray that Saudi Arabia is forever banned from International Sport with immediate effect, with as much publicity given in their Country for why this action has been taken. It is time that we do not allow people to export their form of disrespect, to other traditions, other religions, women and Asians who they think are below their stinking selves, that we show that it is time they return to the desert where they came from and return to herding camels, to save their sorry arses from starvation.

It is almost certain that most of the troubles and terrorism we face this millennium is due to Saudi Arabia and its influence on the thought process of Islam adherents to believe a particular and peculiar form of Islam that is arguably literal and against modern day practice, and possibly not what was meant by Mohammed the Prophet. Using his good name to commit dastardly deeds is surely NOT giving them any place near their prophet, but a sure permanent purgatory, where they will live in hell!

Instead of the Saudi action against the Qataris that now look like sour grapes as they refuse to play ball, by having an outspoken Media channel directed at Arab speaking people, a first that is so widely available, they should look to their inner selves NOT to insult the holy places that they have seized as theirs to guard.

It is time to stop being politically correct in the face of violations of decency to begin with which falls into behavior not sanctioned by religion. It is adopted by a nation as an affront to humanity. Worse we have permitted the Country even a place in the UNHRC due to its financial clout and NOT for anything else, as the world still works for a few privileged and not for true justice, no matter how it is cloaked at the UN. While I agree that the UN is not the Angel they are trying to be, they are at least in a position to impose world norms on the human race, and Saudi Arabia MUST take heed without arrogance.

In fact this episode will merely fade away as no one wants to upset the apple cart as it could affect the world order! Whatever that means and however it is measured. However, it is time we drew a line in the Desert Sands of Saudi Arabia to read the riot act to their rulers, that time is running out for their survival and it is better sooner rather than later to conform to Arab norms at least, and affect the needed changes in their own Country, to play a role in the world as humane and decent people to all, and NOT just their kind.

Most of the Saudis suffer deeply with the lack of jobs and a future other than being dependent on the state and so unable to express an independent opinion on anything for fear of their gravy train being suddenly frozen. Either way it is only time when this train is wrecked at some point. Let it not happen suddenly but gradually in the interests of peace and stability in the Middle East.  


  1. The players were simply a pack of animals as were the spectators. Let us just treat them as such. Simple

  2. About time after being named and shamed internationally as pariahs!

    They realized BIG mistake - price of arrogance/ insensitivity/ shame on their religion