Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unprecedented to be hauled into your home to be lectured to~ WINNERS SPOILS

Trumps method of transitioning!

As if to throw chili into their eyes for their inaccurate reporting, Trump had summoned a gaggle of Media to Trump Tower, don’t know if it was to his office conference room, or the one in his private apartments, but effective @ his space, with his personal staff, wife, daughter and son-in-law at hand, and being blasted like pick pockets, is in itself a made for TV movie.

As it was off the record, all reports are based on strict confidentiality of names, and I would have loved to be a fly on the wall, as Trump a businessman knowing the value of Media even though they may have gone against him, which ironically lead to him being elected had the audacity, emboldened by being President-elect to read the riot act in a Country with First Amendment Rights, guaranteeing free speech and free media NOT constrained by any strictures!

It is clear this gruff approach to you “to tell my story the way I want it”, rather than how you see it, which is very different to what it really is, leaves the Media moguls wondering how best to play this game.

They want to have access to the President, so they have a story from which they make money (the media in the US is there to profit, and not be merely a mouthpiece of a mogul willing to throw money down the drain) and be able to give the LIBERAL SLANT that is their want, as most media today, representing the middle ground of decency and fair play, with equal rights for all, where as to Trump some are more equal than others! Namely the rich, the racist, the right wing, and red necks who form the base of his support, even though he may not represent them fully in their views!!

We are treading new ground in this experiment as we have never had a President who is so well known in business, rich, and can command personal space, that rivals the White House, as he has SO MANY places that he can summon them to and harangue and intimidate these titans of bombasticity!

We ain’t seen nothing yet in his relationship with the media, but I believe the media will not complain as they have more than enough opportunity to make more money by the resulting viewership than they would have under a Hilary C Administration of more BOREDOM! What we the General Public must realize is that we should NOT be manipulated by these media hacks who create news from nothing, like the unending speculation about the pros and cons of Melania staying at Trump Tower to take Baron to school! 

What a waste of our time!

Of course the speculation of how Trump is going to avoid being labeled as benefiting from his position as President to increase his business empire, will have pundits in the media flogging this horse for all the time slots there are when there is NO OTHER MORE INTERESTING NEWS TO REPORT ON.

Is that going to be the filler story of the media for the next 4 years and speculation if he will be impeached for breaching the rules, law or call it what you will? May God help us to prevent being dragged by the media in their own self created  sinkhole of CRAP!

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