Monday, November 7, 2016

Down to the wire – Neck and Neck and no one dare declare till it is all over!

The US Presidential Election has provided real theatre to the media pundits waiting in the wings to pontificate on the various scenarios still possible, with NO ONE calling it for either candidate on this eve of Election Day tomorrow.

I don’t think we will EVER live to see another election as tight, as divisive and as contrasting in styles ever in anyone’s lifetime, and in less than 48 hours there will be a new President Designate to govern the US for he next 4 years! The reason it is of importance to all of us so far away, is because what they decide and how they rule affect our lives. To put is simply, US interest rate policy, affects the interest rates we eventually pay on our public debt, and has a direct impact on our deficit and not only monetary policy, but fiscal policy as they are both interrelated.

We cannot therefore get away from the fact that there are candidates of mediocre capability, playing politics with our lives. Few really trust either candidate, and have constantly been referred to as two worst candidates who have been nominated by the two main parties in US History.

Needless to say that NO policies have been discussed, and it has all been about PERSONALITY alone.

The link above clearly implies that neither candidate has been able to address the national problems in the US that are staring them in the face. This means that whoever wins, they will again continue to ignore them, as frankly few politicians wish to address the real issues of any Country, as either people are UNWILLING to accept a painful solution to it, that is imposed as the opposition will take a populist and opposing view, sinking a good plan even before it starts!

I am mentioning this in my blog here, because we in Sri Lanka also do not wish to face the reality. We have a overburdened public service that has saddled the Govt. We MUST shed at least 500,000 staff from the Public Service from adding to inefficiency and instead put them into the Private Sector which is crying out for more employees to grow their businesses. 

This alone together can add to the Growth, BUT NO ONE has the guts to say so. People are so drunk on working for a Govt. dept, that they do as little as possible and hope to live out their working life! So all politicians lie to their constituencies to keep up their popularity, and it is part of the problem of democracy. Ironically though the US is NO different to Sri Lanka in that respect of completely taking the electorate for a ride.    

Whoever wins you can be sure that the honey moon will only last a few months, perhaps not even till the State of the Union. As the Middle East will be in turmoil, and they will both be blaming each other, even though neither has even got to the first day at work on the job! That is how ludicrous the allegations will be.

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