Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The perfect storm is rolling on and on, more like a storm in a tea cup, with no real news, just manufactured!

Isn’t it interesting that the Media, in order to create news out of nothing has resorted to inform the curious public (made only curious because of the media manufacture of news) of every detail of comings and goings of almost every human being to and from Trump Tower, then his Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey and now the pack of hounds have moved to Palm Beach to his Mar-a-lago compound, almost like an excuse for a jolly good time! After all the Thanksgiving Weekend starts today, and what better way to celebrate the Trump win than have the whole extended family on vacation in sunny Florida, except for the intrusion of drones, secret service agents, paparazzi to spoil the show, but as an excuse to report on every person who comes and goes.

Surely it should be time out for at least a week for the lesser mortals like us to take breather from the Media frenzy, that is created to make news, sensationalize, get audience get ratings, and finally to make money out of the whole deal, all the while confronting the bellicose Trump, who has been unable to wean himself out of the TWEETING that has been a hallmark of his campaign and threatens to make light of his unpredictable stances on issues of the day, especially those he espoused during the campaign which need correction now that he is President elect.

The trouble is the plea to leave Trump news out of a week will not work as the answer is NOT to watch TV news, if you are fed up. I believe the last few days of the Obama Administration must be put on center stage, to record the closing chapters of his final days in office, lest we forget. We have four more years of photo ops and media frenzy contend with which after that time, I am sure people will be so fed up, of his tweets, the media pontification thereof and the following of every member of his family for no good reason, but that people like to know, being the real deal alternative to a Royal Family that the US does not have, but which Trump provides all the glamour and glitz to make up for!

I have now decided to switch off from watching the same old speculation of pundits who are trying to second guess every member of his administration and then comment on why that person is NOT suitable for the job, without many opining on the suitability of the candidate, which is the more positive statement, especially if they are finally to get the job, without the press baggage like a noose around their necks from day one as damaged goods, without giving them a chance to show their true mettle and suitability for the task they have been set.

By the way there are two more Trump National Golf Courses just in the State of New Jersey, at Colts Neck and Pine Hill, just for good measure~ 

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