Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It all boils down to who you hate more! AMERICA DECIDES

Establishment and much of the same in “Stronger Together” which is Hilary’s and “Lets Make America Great Again” is Donald’s. What resonates with disenfranchised as in CHEESED off voters? Surely it is Donald’s as the people of the US, the great majority of them, just don’t feel good about themselves, or their Country, and no matter how you measure them, they are for the most part, those who have rarely voted, feel the odds are stacked against them, and have NO person who listens or represents them. 

Finally and IRONICALLY they have found in their search a SOUL MATE called Donald Trump, and they are willing to go out and VOTE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES for a man they know is full of faults, shoots his mouth off, and will shoot his gun off if he had it in his holster, and they like that earthy man, no matter how he cheated the world to make it to the TOP.

Its all about first time older voters stupid, and that is good for democracy. At least they can say they voted. 

He took advantage of every tax break imaginable available to him, used bankruptcy to his advantage, and took self promotion to another level, to become famous. Why he took the Reality TV Show apprentice to sky high ratings was beyond me, but he did the unthinkable. Most Billionaires want to stay under the Radar, and the guts he had NOT to disclose his tax returns, DO NOT EVEN SEEM TO HAVE AFFECTED HIS POLL NUMBERS ADVERSELY which has confounded the opposition as they soon dropped that line, when they know it had NO traction.

The Americans Go to the Polls today to vote for the person they hate the least. When someone 4 years from now at the next Election reads this blog entry, will only be able to verify, that it was a remarkable time on 8th November 2016, never before and never again, and that America is Great again because of this election, and because of the bottom of the barrel their politics took them to realize what was needed to “make this Country Great Again!”

No one has actually predicted the post election psyche of the people. It will be relief, cold turkey that they don’t see that mop of hair and Hilary’s tiresome voice. For what it is worth, whatever comes out of Donald’s mouth is crazy or worth laughing about. Hilary’s pronouncements don’t present a wry smile or a cheer either! Why? BORING. 

I would have not called her crooked Hilary, I would just have said too boring to be President. Boring people may be rocks and stable, but nothing will come out of their term, positive or negative. We have lived long enough to know that we need some catalyst for change, and that is the ONLY way to energize people to action, and that sadly can only come from TRUMP!

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