Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How can anyone write such drivel in a Newspaper?

“independent professionals want the PM to step down temporarily” 

Shamindra Ferdinando, writing in the Island continues to spout so much rubbish as to make these allegations and the credibility of the people making them sound simply outside of having a brain let alone any common sense. I know they are seeking attention by playing to the gallery, but some responsibility must follow.

Asking the PM to step aside, is tantamount to not only a constitutional crisis, but also a deleterious future for Sri Lanka. They are under the mistaken belief that it is reflective of good governance, when it is anything but. Good Governance CANNOT be at the price of NO FUNCTIONING GOVT. which appears to be what these asinine individuals want to see in Sri Lanka. In short utter CHAOS.

A former rear admiral to boot suggesting treachery against the Country should choose his words carefully, as he is advocating anarchy, and if he does so willingly GO STRAIT TO JAIL AND DON’T STOP  AT GO OR AT COURT!

It is these sorts of imbeciles that we tolerate as Civil Society when we need intelligent, guarded and responsible people to take the cudgels of Civil Society to protect the people from themselves, let alone a Govt. gone haywire.

We must focus on the proportionality of the alleged crime and NOT get carried away with figures that are out of proportion from reality. When all profits of Perpetual Treasuries are assumed to be fraudulent, then there is a clear attempt at belittling competence and good management of the funds on behalf of shareholders. This a direct hit at the YOUTH! They know better than the OLD!

If we go to the heart of the Bond Scandal, if the particular transaction is unraveled, and profit earned on that quantified, then that is fair. Remember, those initially purchased bonds would have been sold in the secondary market and the profits arising could be quantified, let the allegation rest at that and NOT every penny the Company has earned since.

Referring finally to the headline of “independent professionals want the PM to step down temporarily” may I remind the reader that they are NOT independent nor are they professional and it is time writers like Ferdinando finally have their comeuppance! A newspaper permitting this must also have lost their way. 


  1. Funny how all of a sudden "civil society" are idiots. When the same ppl wanted MR to be hanged you were ok with it.. How much money Mahandran paying you to write these sort of BS ??

    1. totally.... i do read this guy time to time when i need some entertainment...the epitome of the colombian mentality, with their hamu boy can't do any wrong., and its all other fault dare to talk of getting rid of the incompetent