Thursday, November 3, 2016

A reassuringly frank admission of the Challenges ahead by the Governor

If the reporting is accurate in this Ceylon Today article, then it is reassuring to note that the present Governor of the CBSL, is aware of what he has to do, and as reported earlier on the paucity of the intellectual input of this fellow MB members, he will have to make some decisions that those outside the system will have to live by, and respect even though for the most part they will NOT agree.

One point he had alluded to in the paper article was the difficulty in proving the guilt of his staff, who are alleged to have been part of the scam. I accept his apprehension as it is almost impossible to find evidence that is admissible in a Court of Law, and one cannot rely on the mere words of he said she said, due to divided loyalties of the staff in question.

My  concern is that there MAY not be a resolution on the grounds that I suggested, in my two previous blog posts, to stop any further criticisms of inaction, by fining possibly based on the Auditor General’s assumption of the loss of Rs1.6B. Though I do not agree with how he has come up with the calculation, the fact that he is independent and has his reasons for coming up with that figure, then let the CBSL fine Perpetual Treasuries that amount as being a loss incurred by the CBSL, and finally put an end to the saga, and move on from this point.

Of course the Entrust fiasco was far more serious and has NOT entered into the discussion in sufficient detail, as there has been a huge fraud on the CEB EPF funds that has to be made good, and these criminal acts if swept under the carpet will prove that this Bond Scam is a politically motivated witch hunt. The Governor therefore MUST balance all these conflicting agendas, and would be heartened to have heard that the President has requested that the AG take on the case and investigate independently to come to a conclusion on if and when and whom to prosecute based on the available and implied wrongdoings of the people concerned.

This takes him off the hook of recommending that the Former Governor be prosecuted, as that determination has been taken out of his hands today, by the new development.

It is time the CBSL and the Government decide how the MB needs to be reconstituted so that people of ability, and NOT age manage the CBSL.

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