Monday, January 12, 2015

What a whirlwind period in 2015, with the election and concerns raised right to the end on how it would be, and the aftermath!

I trust the historians will begin writing this part of history, as it is unfolding very fast, and unless documented immediately will not get reported properly. I know people will use the internet and posts in papers to write this history but that will not be the same as writing it as it happens, with a glimpse of the daily activities as it unfolds.

For example, unless one knew, one will not write that 5000 people gathered at the Bandaranaike Samathi in Horagolla hoping to catch a glimpse of the new President and PM, and instead had to contend with Rajitha Senaratne and the ubiquitous Harshana Rajakaruna who seems to be everywhere, wherever there is a crowd or camera, but lost his electorate Dompe to MR badly a few days ago. Does he want to get his votes from all electorates other than his?

The new President and PM overflew the place on their way to Kandy in the Chopper, and delivered his first address to the nation from the historic Paddirippuwa there.

The day was rife with an MR planted bit of news on the Cabinet of ministers, none of which had any grain of truth, and resulted in all these supposed Ministers being bombarded with congratulatory messages and emails and FB posts, which embarrassed them no end, and made fools out of the supposedly intelligent people who seem to thrive in spreading these rumors, without realizing that logic was certainly NOT on their side, when looking at these spurious suggestions that were made.

That goes to show the education of the Sri Lankans both here and overseas, who just don’t know how to decipher right from wrong and make up their minds based on their ability to interpret the information they are privy, and come to their OWN conclusions on what is right and wrong.

That is why I exhort my readers to judge what I write with an analytical mind and believe what they want to believe and not what I would like them to believe!

The most important Buddhist teaching is to be wise in what one says and does and only believe once one is able to rationalize the truth from the sources of information made available to you. If it was true in the day so of the Lord Buddha why cannot it not be true today, most especially in an information age, where all information can be dissected easily as there are sources such as google to quickly verify some facts if that was needed to come to the result.

Oh how I despair at the foolishness of the most intelligent people on earth. Is it because of the rotten education system they are exposed to? I don’t know but I suspect it to be so.

It is time we are able to catch up with the amount of information that we are privy to. We also had the fracas of the SLFP high command in two places both appointing the Chairman maintaining both were legitimate, and it is to the Courts to decide who is legitimate. However the constitution as I understand it is if the President is from the SLFP, the chairmanship automatically goes to them. However the MR faction maintain that the President, by coming forward from the new party is NO LONGER a member of the SLFP and therefore the rule does NOT apply.   

Now the secretaries to the Ministries and PM and Pres are being appointed thick and fast and soon thereafter the members of the interim Cabinet will be appointed. There will be many surprises and disappointments and in politics it is difficult to please all. It is made more so, because unequal members of the coalition will be given posts far above their people’s representation.

It will be the UNP that suffers the most, and in reality, it is them that contributed the most in numbers to this victory. That is just a tough call on the elephant, and they will just have to recoup their losses at the next general election with the people understanding the contribution made by them to this historic victory of downing a despot who seemed to have been planning a permanent stay!

The 50 day campaign and with little funds to carry it out, proved the resilience of the people of Sri Lanka and how much they can take and how much they can be fooled. As a Sinhala person I am a little ashamed at the foolishness of the Sinhala electorate to be bought into the Rajapakse canard of lies and deception and I sincerely hope the people will in the next few days understand with clarity how easily the Rajapakse Administration has taken them for a right royal ride!!!

I sincerely hope they will mature politically and will not be able to fooled by people using the fear card and the race card as a political gimmick on the foolish! It is up to us now to explain by a responsible fourth estate that a continuation of lies can lead people to a level of believing in lies for an extended period of time, and when truth stares them in the face they cannot see it! I trust our blindness will be cured in the ensuing months and the Country returns to a period of peace and prosperity.           

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  1. Oh did Sirisena use a helicopter? Some people thought he would travel by bus and train.