Thursday, January 22, 2015

Such a shame when the stink of bad eggs litters a pure start!

Those two jokers, Shiral Laktilleke and Maithri Guneratne, who have unquestionably been a disgustingly putrid presence in their desperate bid to sully the personality of the Prime Minister in his previous avatar as the Leader of the Opposition, now have been rehabilitated and taken on the holier than thou role of cleaning corruption, and one the former being appointed a coordinating secretary of the President. This is to be completely contrary to human decency, let alone unnecessary for political expediency as they are politically irrelevant.

When Maithri Guneratne crept like a weasel behind the new PM at the swearing in at Independence Square, why didn’t someone have the audacity to jerk them out of the whole proceedings, and throw them out as they should have?

It is time the new administration decides that they are alienating their most loyal people by tolerating trailer trash in the higher echelons of Government. Trailer trash have a stink that lasts for a long time, and no matter what you do, they can never be cleaned. It is opportune that people recognize who they are and take appropriate action to make sure that they do not sight the place.

The ease with which people of dubious connections seem to reenter the corridors of power, from whence they have been just ejected unceremoniously is a cause of reprehensible conduct.

It is very IMPORTANT for the new administration to actually appoint a team to look into the background of  all those who wish to curry favor with the new administration and and remove all those who should NOT be allowed into the inner circle, lest the noble objective of cleaning the foul mess in Govt. is compromised by these miscreants.

Lawyers are an especially two faced breed who make it their habit to enhance their authority to fleece their clients of their hard earned money, when  the client could in reality  have performed the same task for free, where he was unethically charged by the lawyer Rs100,000. It is in this backdrop, and that kind of shady character traits of these seedy sycophants, and paid low life operate and we don’t want any of their ilk in this Government. The new administrations will never be able to achieve the objectives if they are allowed to play their games and see the link to the games!!             

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