Friday, January 23, 2015

Fire the new Defence Secretary - He has already proved an embarrassment!

What a joker this Basnayake character is? Who in their right mind appointed this trumped up Neanderthal with a Gota type moustache to occupy his office and say Gota had done nothing wrong in having an account at the MOD with Rs7.5B circumventing all Govt. procedures with regards to Treasury rules about pooling all funds into the Govt.

He may after inspection of the evidence be proved correct, but until there is a proper investigation into the aspects of why the account was kept separate, allowing Gota, emergency funds if he was unable to obtain Govt. funds in an emergency, already smacks of a misuse of power, no matter what Gota may say, or the Defence Secretary may insinuate.

I think the Defence Secretary, a man with questionable record, who upon assumption of duties praised his predecessor, something he was not required to do, is out of his league, and appears to have got swollen headed in his position, and appears to be taking on more of a role than even the Minister in misusing state resources.

Even while the Minister has shunned his bullet proof vehicle and security, the Defence Secretary, appears to have embraced both, when if anything his need for security does not even match the security needed for the Defence Minister’s driver!!!

Time to discard this joker out of sight, as he is a person who can be a danger due to his inability to grasp the importance and tactfulness of his job, and if he continues to go mouthing off on matters out of his ambit, remit, etc, he should gracefully bow out before being fired. 

It seems that Ruwan Wanigasooriya has been fired as the Army spokesman of the old administration, he sneaked on the last trip to the Mahanayakes with his minister, a good enough reason to get him out of there. Now lets hope everything will be ok.

Why do we need a defence spokesman anyway? I understand that the current appointment of Brigadier K J Jayaweera is temporary and no defence spokesman will be used in the future as an unnecessary  surplus to requirements post!

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