Sunday, January 11, 2015

Arrest MR and Gota for an attempted Coup. All the facts are now known

Mangala Samaraweera has now openly accused MR and Gota of an attempted coup in the early hours of Friday morning when it was apparent he had lost the election. How can they be so swollen headed, to think they have a God given right to rule, when the nation has thrown them out so clearly and decisively. The fact they believe they have some life left in them is a testament to their psychotic nature.

Once the new Supreme Court is appointed with the new CJ, then appropriate action must be taken to bring the coup plotters to book. MR does not have presidential immunity from prosecution and will have to face the full wrath of the law.

It is time the evidence is recorded from the Principal players in the drama, namely the Inspector General of Police, Army Commander, Attorney General, and the Elections Commissioner who was forced to delay the announcements of the MS won postal votes, until the MR won ones were initially announced, and we will remember the long wait from 11.30pm to 1am before the next postal vote was announced.

There should be NO revenge here, just follow the law of the land, and the Former President, the Chief Justice, the Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order, and Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, stand accused of treason against the state, and they will be answerable to the Courts on the grave accusations made.

Instead this joker of an ex-President is trying to hold on to the Chairman ship of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which by its own constitution falls into the hands of the current President of the Country, Maithripala Sirisena.

While we watch this side show, we must NOT forget the real show, which is the treason trial of the Century, the previously omnipotent man is charged with crimes against the State.

In a few days all will be out in the open, and I trust the new Govt. is able to follow the letter of the law to its conclusion, giving all the rights to the accused under the Constitution, so that they can answer the charges laid before them, and if found guilty serve the maximum sentence as laid down in the statute books, so that he is bound by the same laws that we are all under, with no favoritism.

This will then put a stop to the abuse of power, and any attempt by those in the future who wish to abuse their position, and the trust placed in them by the people whom they serve.


  1. A load of crap! MS was elected by Sri Lanka's racist minorities while the majority has voted for MR. So the legitimate winner should be MR and MS has no legitimacy. MR will make a come back soon as Sinhalese Buddhists are increasing feeling that they are betrayed!

  2. They know that if Mahinda, Gota, Wimal and Gammanpila remain in the opposition and Ranil, Chandrika kick off the separatist agenda they will sweep back into power in months.

    Hence the plan is to imprison both Mahinda and Gota. I will just say that don't test the patience of the patriots of this land. Remember what happened to Prabakaran?

  3. if mangala has said this i am pretty sure it must 100% "yahapalan"(TM) truth even though the army has denied this just like the eelam flah hostings and stone pelting by tamil racists in the north etc ...

  4. There are Idiots who still support Mahinda , Gota and his terror regime . Perhaps they must have benefited from the ill-gotten wealth of these rogues. More than 60.% Sinhala people voted for MS. including me.
    I am sad about these blind morons who talk rubbish.

    Jayapala - Gampaha