Thursday, January 8, 2015

The abominable sight of the Sirisena Lookalike accompanying MR at the polls this morning is reason enough to believe he is simply a psychopath!

The photos NOT doctored of MR arriving at the polling with this silly excuse for a man with a name Sirisena copying the whole outfit of the common candidate, is disrespectful, and his name on the ballot box and even ads paid for by the MR campaign, must signify one simple argument.

It is simply that if they were not concerned about the threat, from Maithripala Sirisena they would NOT resort to such imbecilic tactics, so they must seriously have thought that they would lose, and therefore resorted to the tried and tested method of using some puerile tactics to show their incompetence and show the world that all their supposed control over the situation was a mere illusion that they have cleverly been able to promote to keep all opposition at bay all this time, and use their white vanning style to prevent the opposition from gaining any traction.

The unknown elements at this stage is how they will react to a humiliating defeat. As they are not gentlemen but a bunch of underworld thugs, they may resort to thuggery to create instability. However I do believe that the Security forces will be under the command of the new President before long. The ARMY Commander may be replaced immediately as being untrustworthy, but that is NO loss to most of the rest of the top brass who count him as another joker, and OLD past his prime Jagath, which the gossip says was asked to hatch some plans to destabilize the Country, of course would do well to get the hell out of SL for a while until the dust has settled and his position de listed!

Further I don’t think he has any balls left to carry out Gota’s dirty work, as there will be no one to back him up, stand up for him, or even protect him. He will surely know where his bread is buttered and try to stay on the QT for a while.

The interesting angle this time, is after all this rhetoric of the Rajapakse election plan of blaming everything on foreign conspiracies, in the end it is to those very same countries that the rogues wish to jump ship to and NOT China!!! Why you might ask?

We all wish the next few hours to be trouble free, the old regime know that they had their time, they fooled the people long enough, and now it is time for some sense and sensibility to set in to governing this resource rich very rich country that has been looted by a few, for their own benefit and it is time the citizens of Sri Lanka say enough is enough, and take back ownership to them, and publicize the lie we have lived under all this time, where the game is exposed for all to see.     

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