Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How quickly will the law be able to take its course? Prosecute the rogues!

In the US giving or receiving a bribe is a prosecutable/indictable crime. That is sufficiently broadbased, and used often enough to deter any US company from engaging in such activity. That has resulted in few if any US companies receiving any contracts in Sri Lanka, as the alternative, namely China is extremely lax in its widespread use so much so that they permit huge loadings on projects to pay for bribes and wire funds to offshore banks, that they are fully complicit in it.

Exim bank which has lent over US$100B all over the world especially to countries of the similar state of development to Sri Lanka, it is the order of the day to get contracts. No wonder that they have been able to secure questionable contract all over the world and further, be able to with the active participation of the Chinese Govt. to throw their weight around with deference.

With the regime change, we will have to change our ways, where the examples of cleaner living have to come from the top. There is NO problem or issue with Ranil Wickremasinghe, however with Maithripala Sirisena, the activities of Dudley Sirisena has most certainly tarnished his reputation, to a degree which he cannot recover no matter how hard he tries.

It is well known that his extended family, even though he technically was able to be out of the fray, engaged in all the worst activity of the area, and it was like fiefdoms that they dominated. I can only hope and pray that power of their sibling WILL NOT give way to projects, commissions and contracts that will NOT be in the best interests of Sri Lanka. I hope they have the sense to behave and set an example.

Whilst there is NOT fear of RW transgressing, there is absolute fear of MS transgressing and it is imperative that it will not be so, as he will be not just turfed out, and imprisoned, but with Presidential immunity lifted, he will be impeached and will not be able to serve his term, whence RW will automatically become President by default.

A Rajapaksa did not put anyone one with an ounce of ability in the PM post as he feared being challenged, but here it should not be the same, and we must have confidence the not only an upstanding PM occupies the seat so should the Presidency be untainted. Let us hope for the people of Sri Lanka that we will finally be able to hold our heads up high, with a Country that is finally accountable to the people we elect, where the rulers are our servants, and NOT masters, where people will regain the lost freedoms, the excuse of a war has denied us.     

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