Monday, January 12, 2015

Delay in appointing the Cabinet of Ministers! The UNPs supreme sacrifice of 2015

Despite UNP contributing approximately 4.5M votes out of the 6M that gave My3 his Presidency, it appears that they will only receive less than 40% of the Ministerial portfolios on offer.

Such is politics, that last minute jumpers like Rauf Hakeem who has only brought his own vote into the election, as all other Muslims would have voted for My3 anyway, is likely to get a Cabinet post. I think for starters he should not, as he really does not represent the Muslims in Sri Lanka anymore, and he has consistently gone against his community advice in holding onto his position within the Rajapakse Regime of yore, refusing to forfeit his sinecure, though it was only trapping and not much else, but he appears to be a sucker for the limelight.

This is just one person, but it is the same logic by which the other rudderless exes will be accommodated. I was told this morning that they are awaiting the arrival of Nimal Siripala, Susil Premajayanth, and Anura Priyadarshana Yapa today, before finalizing the cabinet!!! Just read them the riot act, and say they will be prosecuted if they stay with MR, and they will come like little frightened lambs to the table, to be devoured!

What a joke to accommodate these heathen without a following in the cabinet? The new Govt. should graciously just accept them into Govt. back bench ranks and NOT give them any ministerial portfolios. After all their crime was treason against the people of Sri Lanka in propping up a Dictator who had NO inkling of feeling for his people, and these MPs, ministers call them what you will, steadfastly refused to bow down to what was right in the exercise of dictatorial power.

It is going to take an almighty amount of head scratching and feeling heads of upset UNPers across the Country in explaining who actually won this election, if the losers are given the plum positions~

Time for some introspection, and getting the whip out to tell them it is obscene to give them anything in light of their complicity in crimes against the state, and threaten them with prosecution with the full force of the law, if they don’t come to heal, and ensure the Govt. is able to fulfill the will of the people. Namely the 100 day program that has effectively been OK in a quasi- referendum.

It is another day in Politics, and it is the long suffering people of the land who suffer, for personal advancement of selfish people in high office. It is time we make an example of some of these no bodies, and once and for all go for a clean, baggage free Cabinet of reliable, responsible, and faithful party loyalists of the UNP.  


  1. lol all UNP mps in the current parliament are getting either a Ministerial or deputy ministerial position. How can they increase more when UNP has only 40 mps in the parliament?

  2. It was Sajith and his scheming and the Maithri Guneratne, Shiral Lakthileke jokers who are responsible for the state of the UNP now. How they like vermin are trying to curry favor by putting ads in the paper thanking their people for supporting the My3 makes me puke!

    If not for their disastrous escapades, with aiding and abetting by the Tiran Allesses and Kili Maharajas of this world, it would a single UNP government today, as it is clear who have come out of this whole episode, squeaky clean.

    Every person who is in or were in the MR coalition is tainted, and they have tried to whitewash their dirty deeds by their crossovers beginning on Nov 21st.

    So no matter what is said and done, this long suffering UNPer deserves more than what has been on offer lately and it is incumbent on the party machinery to inform the electorate of the facts behind the present change and convince the voters to vote for the elephant if they do not want a dilution of policies to cater to every tom dick and harry that joins a coalition!

  3. Liberal one dont display your ignorance, as only half the UNP MPs are expected to get anything!!!

  4. ok wait till the cabinet is appointed and then write down here the names of UNP mps that does not get either a ministerial or deputy ministerial post.