Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What right does the Governor of the Southern Province have to make scathing statements about someone who has brought fame to her area?

If the statement attributed to the Governor of the Southern Province (see attached link) is correct: http://nz.sports.yahoo.com/news/sri-lanka-bars-australian-luxury-072418816--spt.html  Then I wonder about if she is suitable to hold that position. If I read the article correct and one should read my two previous blog entries to get a handle on this issue of minor officials adversely affecting the future of Sri Lanka due to a personality defect of theirs.

Do the immigration authorities in Sri Lanka realize what their actions can do to Sri Lanka Investment and progressive growth? This is the second time Geoffrey Dobbs has been refused entry to this country in 5 days, as it builds a case of gross violations of a person’s rights by these actions, however much they personally determine he is undesirable. It is not them who can make that decision.

For someone who has lived in this country for the past 20 years and invested heavily in rough times, it is NO way to treat a foreigner however much of a grudge the Governor has for his flying a flag in front of her mansion to annoy her. She must grow out of this puerile behavior. I earlier held her in much higher regard, but now am forced by her actions if reported correctly describe her no better than a guttersnipe.  

After all it is patriotism we are talking about and it has nothing to do with flags and anthems, more to do with improving the quality of life of people in Sri Lanka. It is time these tin pot airheads realize they are doing this country great harm by their knee-jerk actions.

Sri Lanka is on a growth trajectory with fair treatment of all who reside here, not just those who support the policies of the Govt. as that only reflects a minority in the Country. It is therefore important that the Immigration Department has an immediate series of discussions on how they can weazle themselves out of the decisions they have made, as a result of the incorrect picture placed on this action by the Governor of the Southern Province, who has no legal right to interfere in this sort of issue, and has to be decided according to the law of the land, if it is at all followed.

It is time to make an immediate attempt to resolve this issue with consultation with all relevant bodies, as already alluded to in my previous blog posts.     

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