Saturday, December 14, 2013

The ‘treachery’ of the Government is further exposed! I am ashamed

I would like to believe that I am truly concerned about the well being of all the Citizens of Sri Lanka and have dedicated the rest of my life to further that cause at the expense of personal safety, luxury, entitlements whether due or demanded or happiness, and am daily pointing out the incongruity of life that affects this well being.

This was bared again yesterday in Parliament, when Sumanthiran MP representing the TNA faction in house, said that the Law was not followed in the appointment of the new DIG for the Northern Province. Pujitha Jayasundera. He was appointed to this post WITHOUT consultation of the Chief Minister of that Province, and this was pointed out in Parliament. 

Why can’t this Govt. follow the law of the land? The Ministers constantly remind the House, when the Opposition attack them, that they are following the law!! The Law or the relevant statute clearly says that the senior Police appointments be done with Consultation with the Chief Minister and Governor of the related Province. Why was this not done? Is Wignesweran not worthy of this procedure? Let us not forget that when the Govt. acts outside the Law of the land it is Treachery. So who is guilty of treachery? Will his or her head roll? Either in reality or metaphorically? It should. Where is the resignation? IGP!

So there you have it. Another case of Treachery by an unpatriotic murderous Govt. Why does evidence of treachery occur everyday and nothing done about it? Simply because treachery by the Govt. and all its constituents from the Top to the lowly individual being treasonous on its behalf are “NOT accountable”, and every one not in this catchment ARE!!!

Simply put, this is the problem of the Country, where the Traitors get off scott free and the Patriots who really love Sri Lanka are branded traitors. That is the tragedy of Sri Lanka today.

The thugs and low life and the underworld who really rule Sri Lanka today, do not know the law, as the other Chief Ministers of other Provinces are either in this category, or at least they DO NOT KNOW THE LAW. We know in law that ignorance of the law is no excuse (you cannot say that you did not know that killing someone was a crime!)

I guess the Police Chief did not know the Law – I am not surprised! Are you? 

This is what happens when most in the Police force disregard the law as something that does NOT apply to them and to their sponsors in Govt be it local or National  and therefore act ULTRA VIRES.

Until the Rule of Law is applicable to all equally we are in a Banana Republic ruled by a Red Banana!            

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