Monday, December 23, 2013

The “work in Sri Lanka conference 2013” the question everyone wanted to ask but was afraid to do, as that would have meant deportation!!!

Today the 23rd of December saw “the work in Sri Lanka” one day seminar at which Ghotabaya Rajapakse amongst others contributed their two cents.

If you read through the Ghotabaya speech - see link: it all sounds very shallow and meaningless if the most important question cannot be properly answered.

None of the foreign citizens will know when they will be deported, as any untoward word uttered even in a three wheeler can lead to this ignominious and in the end disastrous event to anyone who comes to Sri Lanka. Until people can be assured that the Commissioner of Immigration does not act like a Hitler, there is NO point in having this conference! In the end it is Gotas word that counts, and not the law! What law?

If Geoffrey Dobbs can be summarily be prevented from returning to Sri Lanka after living here for 20 years and investing in Sri Lanka, then any lesser mortal with much less at stake is more than likely to be considered dispensable!

So those with foreign passports, that form the majority of those the Govt. wishes to attract for a myriad of reasons, read through my two previous Blog entries, and realize that until we have a real Government in place, and not a bunch of fly by night traitors masquerading as a Govt. your interests are NOT their priority, it is theirs. So you are only here through their grace and favor, and the moment they think, even wrongly that you do not suck up to them, then may God help you!! You all know what that means.

Therefore until there is a Govt. with checks and balances, where there is freedom of speech and expression, and the rule of law equal to all, it is not a proposition to leave your comfortable surroundings and risk all for a dubious benefit, in a land where people are still queuing up to find a boat to Australia, despite all the notices by the Australians that they will be sent right back!

God knows we need all of your support and input to take this country to the next level. Sadly with the current drivers of the helm who are bogged down in their own excrement, unable to raise up from the international allegations against them, we will not be able to secure that. Without them we can definitely reach that goal, so bide your time a little to see the back of this treachery.     

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