Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another case of NOBODIES trying to be SOMEBODIES without a clue as to the repercussions of their action!

The knee -jerk morons in Sri Lanka public life don’t realize that every action has a reaction and that reaction can far outweigh their petty personal backlash. This is clearly illustrated in the case of the non granting of a visa to Geoffrey Dobbs a long term investor in the Sri Lanka tourism industry, over a dubious three wheeler driver’s word, of threats to the President’s person, a daily commonality, in a Banana Republic.

He kept Sri Lanka on the map to well healed tourists when no one else was coming to SL during the height to the troubles. Then he was instrumental in adding to that with the GLF (Galle Literary Festival) and he had immensely valuable ideas on developing this industry, to say nothing of Tsunami relief.

However legitimate a reason there was to keep him out he MUST have due process, as otherwise we will have no tourists, inward investors or long term overseas residents who would contribute at least 3% points to the annual growth of the SL economy. If there is no due process there will be no one who wishes to come here to live and bring their assets here.

Of course I don’t expect people with no foresight like the Commissioner General of Immigration, Chulananda Perera or Kumari Balasuriya, the Southern Province Gov. to grasp these intricate points as it regards to the development of the Country, a fault of our education system in producing morons.

The Govt is trying desperately to fast forward growth and it is the same Govt that is trying desperately to prevent it from happening. So they are schizophrenic. Let me explain.

Sri Lanka finds it hard to grow its exports, as the Govt. has caboshed that by encouraging import substitution, which any economist will say stifles export growth by artificially keeping the exchange rate high which contributes to a slower growth rate. So in the same schizophrenic vein, they are trying to encourage inward investment and are by their actions preventing it.

It is now estimated that there are 75,000 elderly couples(of a total exile population of 750,000 couples 55 or over) of Sri Lanka origin who hold foreign passports, who are willing to bring in at least US$500,000 of their savings to SL in addition to their pensions to live their twilight years in comfort. There is a huge effort to attract these people from the first world to return.

When there is NO due process and whims of Neanderthals prevail, as shown in the Geoffrey Dobbs case, there is no way in hell of these people willing to risk their hard earned money on a luxury apartment in Colombo, when they can be deported because someone is peeved!! It is as simple as that.

So this US$37.5Billion, equivalent to what our whole country’s GNP p.a has been aborted due to the actions of NOBODIES trying to be SOMEBODIES, and I bet they don’t understand that either. Not only that the monthly remittance of their average monthly pensions of US$1000 minimum a couple, or US$75M a month is also out of the question now.

Think how much this sum could do to the economy. It is Very very sad that only someone of foresight such as the opposition leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe was able to mention this in Parliament on Friday the 20th of December, which completely passed through the morons and imbeciles who claim to rule over us.

There are intelligent people in Sri Lanka. Give them a chance to rule and we will notice the improvement to our quality and standard of living. Leaving it to this mob to continue this destruction of all potential, and is a recipe to a slow disaster. We will end up like Amin’s Uganda and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. 

The Government MUST have a strategy that is congruent, when it makes statements of intent. When it behaves in this silly, pathetic, envious and irrational way where there is no freedom of expression, then the result is that all their best laid out plans are thrown out of the window, by one action of a cretin.

All those referred to in derogatory terms will be able to absolve themselves from blame if they admit they made a mistake and right the wrong. However, misplaced pride prevents this, and so 20M Sri Lankans are affected by their actions, in this case adversely!!

History will NO doubt judge them, but at what cost to the development of Sri Lanka and its people? In the end it is a cut your nose to spite your face situation, because it is some of the very same Govt. thugs who own some of the businesses that are building these condominium complexes that will be readily snapped up by the 75,000 couples I mentioned above. 

However as a testament to their ignorance they cannot connect the two incidents as one and the same thing! IT IS TIME WE PUT COUNTRY FIRST BEFORE SELF.

SADLY THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THIS, as if he did these tin pot NOBODIES will end in the gallows, which is the fate of traitors.            

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  1. Typical colonial mentality... asking the white master to be respected and loved instead of being patriotic