Sunday, December 15, 2013

It is time we take a cue from Mandela before it is too late – hanging on too long!

Let us not forget: Nelson Mandela who was elected to the Presidency of South Africa after a long period of struggle for equality for all, resigned from Office, or did not seek re-election, when he felt it was time to go, at the height of his fame.

In my opinion, it was downhill all the way as NO ONE could emulate him or at least come close to him, and have debased the Presidency to such an extent that the Present President was unceremoniously BOOED by the crowd at Mandela’s Memorial – Celebration of an uncommon life. If he remained President for life South Africa may have gone to greater heights!   

In Sri Lanka’s case we have LOST the unique opportunity to UNITE due to the lack of vision of our President, unlike Mandela, and worse his desire to be President till whenever he wants, by removing term limits, destines Sri Lanka to the cess pit of degradation. It is clear as daylight how this contrast has affected Sri Lanka domestically by divisive policies, and Internationally as a pariah state of lawlessness and there is ONLY one person who MUST take all the blame.

Only he can get us out of this or put us into it! the lost opportunities become more apparent as each day passes, and it is clear that the Ruler does not get it, as the climb up the greasy pole all these years has firmed the desire to stay at the top, a classic historic characterization of ruthless dictators. In Sri Lanka’s case we only have to look at Premadasa, who would have turned into one had he lived.

The pathetic lonely figure of our President at this Memorial, should be a reminder to him and all in Sri Lanka that he is not someone who is a statesman. It is the duty of all citizens to stop fawning and being sycophantic as that further entrenches unnatural behavior bordering on the insane. That too is only too apparent in history. If he wants history to give him the benefit of the doubt, he must leave office when his term expires and go into graceful retirement, then maybe there might even be a couple of leaders or ex leaders at his memorial. Otherwise there is a fat chance of there being none, as all other dictators who one associated with may have pre-deceased him, and we are already seeing evidence of that. So please heed this and get out while the going is still good! 

Sri Lanka is not one person, it is a great country with great people, don’t kill it! 

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