Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The whole stinking mess opens again! – The Matale Mass Graves

The nightmare of Sri Lanka continues. The unbelievable sequence of events that began with the first JVP uprising on 5th April 1971 has, after the loss of more than 250,000 lives, as a direct result of uprisings since, have not yet ended! 150,000 deaths occurred without closure for the families involved, and  is Sri Lanka’s legacy to a world, where man’s inhumanity to man for causes borne out of frustration remains as a dark indelible patch on the history of this nation.
It is perhaps the largest loss of life that this country has ever endured, pestilence and malaria included, in that short time span, and we HAVE NOT learned any lessons from it. On the eve of Govt. sponsored terror regaining its ugly head, let us for a moment ponder on what is required for closure. 
The mere fact of trying to sweep it under the carpet is why it resurfaces. It is under the carpet stupid, not completely swept away! So from time to time it surfaces.
It is clear who is implicated in the latest memory of the JVP uprising and subsequent violent suppression. Leopards in Sri Lanka never change their spots, how hard they try to forget, and it is a case of de ja vu yet again. It is the Country that has had to undergo severe hardship as a result of such traitors, and as I noted in January in this same blog, see link below, nothing appears to change.
It is time that we got a grip on what is needed to firstly have closure. Bring the culprits to book, and then begin a NEW dawn in Sri Lanka.
Nothing will or can happen as long as this old rearguard action of the existing Kleptocracy clings to power. It can only happen when this Kleptocracy has to face the music of their own making. Then as an example to others, it will be a lesson to those contemplating on fooling our people that it cannot last.
We must make commitments and laws that prevent the present system of state sponsored terrorism, where no one is safe from the Govt. clutches. Laws are not enforced, in fact broken. Rules are made along the way to suit a few, and there is a complete breakdown in moral and ethical values.
The examples we see all around us where over 100 Govt. politicians today are behind bars, and an equal number awaiting interdiction, with another similar number also facing the threat of prosecution by the Bribery Commission is an indication that we have to rid ourselves of the current power structure. They are not fit to govern, let alone set an example for others to follow.

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