Saturday, April 6, 2013

Like everything that this Govt. currently does, it has even reversed the Ethanol ban

It should come as no surprise to the people that the much hyped Ethanol ban, a little over a month ago, along with the full publicity given to the two Ethanol containers of high strength alcohol which was apprehended, is now followed by a reversal of the ban, and further with NO upper limit on the Ethanol strength. Earlier prior to the ban there was an upper limit of around 80% proof!
Now that the two ethanol containers were released by the Customs after the importers, Govt. officials, paid the Customs a Rs10M bribe, and the excuse used was that they could not prosecute the importer as the seal on the container was broken when the importer was not present! So all these technicalities mean that existing importers, that is only those with previous licenses can import 96% proof Ethanol into the country, and if I was to wish to do so I will not be given permission, even if I can import better quality for less!! It all sounds very odd, and typically, few are querying what is happening.
It is time we all got up and said hold it right there or I will shoot!!!!
Inconsistent policies are worse than no policies and we are seeing a flood of schizophrenic activity. It is a sign that there is NO ONE in charge of running this Country. Everyone in power, including the senior secretaries of the ministries realize that there are no decision makers least of all their own ministers unless their name ends with a Rajapakse, so they too are engaged in a wholesale deception campaign to fool and befuddle their Minister, usually a man who can easily be conned, into making outrageous statements to the public so they can chuckle in the background when their boss makes an ass of himself.
The cry in this blog is for sane people to rise up, speak up and take a stand against this growing trend of lunacy in Government affecting the ability of our country to function.
Another instance of this lunacy was the garbled language of a message in the Mattala Airport Inauguration Souvenir see link:
Which does not just bastardize the English language it actually creates an unintelligible language all of its own! One just has to read it to fall off one’s chair or be totally shamed at being a Sri Lankan knowing the depths to which this administration is taking this country and the people with it! I appeal to the people of Sri Lanka, how long are you willing to permit this abuse on your person?

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