Sunday, April 7, 2013

The movement to abolish the Executive Presidency is just that!

A couple of days ago the movement to abolish the Presidency led by the Venerable Madulawawe Sobitha Thera received much publicity. They are intent on putting forward, or at least supporting a Candidate for President who advocates an immediate Amendment to the Constitution to abolish the Executive Presidency.
It must be remembered that at the time MR was elected for the first time this was a plank in which his Mahinda Chinthana stood. It is now confined to the dustbins of history along with everything in the Mahinda Chinthana, and it is now only make believe words that are put out misusing the Mahinda Chinthana as the basis for this and that program that is launched or announced.
I wrote a comment to the article in the link by Kusal Perera shown after the link(it)
The belief is that merely using the abolition of the Executive Presidency as its theme song, is sufficient to gain traction as an alternative to the Rajapakse kleptocracy.
That is not sufficient to draw on in elections, and a Common candidate that the UNP will definitely not subscribe to is going to strengthen the Rajapakse Presidency rather than result in an abolitionist President.
Given that stark reality it is essential then only for the main opposition to lift itself out of its doldrums, and come up with an inclusive platform, reaching out to a sense of the party’s origins, in times of less friction, and appeal to the innate sense of the people to live in peace and prosperity without the resurgent fundamentalism.
It is the race and religion based political parties that first need to be discredited as being divisive. If the opposition can succeed in doing that then there is light at the end of the tunnel to have a credible platform that gives a place to all Sri Lankans without fear or favor to prosper and grow. Only then will this country reach its true potential.
Whilst I do believe this is a contribution to the debate, there is no reasonable explanation as to the system of credible government to be adopted in its place. The whole concept falls there. It is simply because MR has proven to be so ruthless in taking over all powers of state, that he has abused the spirit with which the Execitive Presidency was set up in the first place that even JR could never envisage a human being capable of such malpractice in a Buddhist guise.
We can only pray that the time is up for this kleptocracy, and when they really dig their own shallow graves, they will unmistakenly fall right in. Only then will the country be saved from the unholy alliance of fundamentalists and right wing dictatorships bent on robbing the country of not just its past, but also its future by way of mortgaging the whole country to forces outside of the land. 

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