Saturday, April 6, 2013

With the last king a Tamil a Buddhist and speaking Tamil in court what is all the fuss about?

When I tell people the last King of the Kandyan Kingdom was a Tamil, they don’t believe it. When I further state that one of the main languages of the Court was also Tamil, they tell me to get out of here, and so we have bred some dastardly bastards who claim to be Kandyan but have no clue about what Kandyan Hospitality was all about.
Kandyan hospitality created a fairer community in the hills, whose genes both technically interbred, due to their method of marrying within close knit families, and polyandry, and also of sharing foreigners with their wives resulting in the more knowledgeable and less mentally deficient sons and daughters turning out to be fair. Remember many a product of interbreeding had severe defects, one of which was a huge reduction in fertility. This enabled the products of secret liaisons to emerge as the new Kandyan and the more able of them were promoted to positions of authority, which then resulted in the Adigars of the Kandyan Kingdom, and other noblemen.
That said it is important that this history is also taught so that the prejudice many have against Tamils is set aside, and instead replaced with gene testing that prove that many Sinhala people have blood from all parts of the globe, and technically Tamil people have more native in them, along with their Dravidian counterparts in South India.
All this goes to prove the whole boru show, about two nations. We are one nation, who must live side by side equally giving both languages equal status, and all in Sri Lanka must be taught three languages, with English an essential language of the global workplace where we find our citizens having to compete with others.
I know that in time when knowledge improves, some of the divisive politics of racial bigots will be extinguished forever. I tolerate a lot of the nonsense that is spewed by racist fear mongering, because I know that it is a matter of time when all the assumptions and innuendos that are made against other races and religions disappears into the ether. It is therefore interesting to read the last gasps of these bigots in their blogs, trying to get traction on subjects they know nothing of.
I am impatient to see this transformation amongst our very young, so that we no longer have to live in a society of prejudice and misplaced fear of minorities. The threat to society is really the idiot who is full of hate, based on false premises. It is important that children who are born with no prejudice remain such, with the adults having to undergo a transition from divisive thinking to inclusive thinking. Let us not forget that this bigot, is Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu too.


  1. To be accurate the Last Three Kings.
    Specially Kirti Sri Rajasinha who revived Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    Then how many know that Nissanka Malla was from Kalinga/Orissa.

  2. Thanks for the post. I'm with you as I have came to known these facts are true. Even when I told anybody bout these things thay laugh at me...Keep it up. Keep wiritng. If you can translate this to Sinhalait will attract much needed attention specially in this time where we are heading bloody massacre once again led by most unproductive and most destructive section of our society who are forced us to belive all the history that they are setting the guadians of this society of Sihalaeese Sri Lanka.