Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whose tune is the Defense Secretary playing?

In a recent article by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara a lecturer at Kings College London, he makes it clear that the Sinhala people who assisted the Govt in defeating the LTTE did so, that we can wipe out terrorism from the Island and instead restore democracy and the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

We know what has happened since. I note below the comment I wrote in response to the above article.

The last paragraph paraphrases it all. We have a person in the capacity of the Defense Secretary who is a traitor to Sri Lanka. He does not care that he is a traitor, because of his warped bias towards only one sector of Sri Lanka. You MUST protect all citizens of Sri Lanka, but then you have taken an oath of allegiance to the US Constitution haven’t you – traitor!
If he believes that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist Country, and it is only they who have rights, then why doesn’t he go all out for it openly rather than hide under a skirt pretending!
One has to show ones cards on the table like a man! then there is no play acting, it is clear.
So lay the cards on the table, make a choice, Multicultural Sri Lanka or only one for the Sinhala Buddhists and we will see where it settles. Isn’t that fair? We will then be able to sift between the patriots and traitors finally, instead of behaving like a patriot who is a traitor to his motherland.
Its nothing personal, it is the future of the Country that is at stake by your behaviour, and we have permitted you enough opportunity to give leadership, and you have only let us down badly (not defended the Constitution of Sri Lanka)
If you don’t wish to be a traitor, then simply change the Constitution so that it is clear that you are defending the Constitution, NOT attacking it as is done now.
This is the inevitable result of giving unelected foreign spies too much unchecked power in our motherland. The buck stops with the President for permitting it.
It is up to us who daily toil through the hardships of Sri Lanka created by this kleptocracy that does not understand what it is to be patriotic and loyal, who are ruining this nation with so much potential to lead the nations of the world.
A country with such promised so woefully desecrated by the wonton destruction of nationhood, by a false sense of patriotism is the root cause. We must not  lose hope as we know in the end bad overcomes good, and we are merely passing through. Don’t lose hope, we may not live long enough but those we leave this country to  deserve better.

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