Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Regime has lost the South – now they have nowhere else to go but take a slow boat to Australia

I don’t believe in salivating at the thought of the interlopers, shivering in their boots wondering where they can go, take their loot, and live in splendor and reflected glory of things past and what might have been. It is simply the order of the day, and lets Nature take its course. There is a great Sinhala word to describe the events that are transpiring in Sri Lanka in this epic month of December 2014.

It is called “sobhadharmayath thekka sellam baha”. So it is with this regime which thought they can mess with the normal course of events. When you get too powerful, this takes over one’s imagination to an extent of omnipotence that only God can aspire to. It is this simple failing of the human psyche that has let these pathetic excuses for the human race dabble in a cacophony of lies of their own making. Once you believe in the lies that you construct, it takes hold of you, where you fail to see that which is so obvious to the uninitiated.

The day and point of reckoning has taken over, and the crowd at Matara was no crowd that was paid for with arrack, 1000 rupee notes, bath packets, and the promise of a day trip out of misery! It was MID WEEK people took time out of their schedules to declare their solidarity with the proposed new order of the day.

It is now a hope filled country of people desperate to turf out of sight, these vagabonds of hate, of conspiracies of their own making, and frightening the people of Uncle Sam when Aunty Ching Ming is ready to pounce on the unpaid debt and take over the mortgage, which means the whole country, which will shortly become unable to repay the debts, as the excesss has been spritied away in foreign bank accounts, which can pay off the interest on their debts for at least the next 6 years as the purloined funds now amount to about US$4B of borrowed money that is socked away.

Let this be a lesson to our future, that in the end ill-gotten gains are worth no more than mush! It is a lesson to us all to mend our ways, change our values, think of the Country as a whole, its future, and reverse the degradation of the paradise we were born to, but which we have partially destroyed in the name of bogus developments of no value to anyone.

So friends Lankans, Countrymen lend me your ears, and listen to the fat lady who is singing a tune, serenading the departure of the heathen of our land. NO MORE, No more can you destroy that which we were so graciously endowed with!        

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