Tuesday, December 16, 2014

External Factors Strengthening or weakening the Government’s case

The GOSL is intent on longevity. They are looking at all the options in trying to ensure they will win the elections, if not by fair means then even by foul. We know the extent of the breaking of basic election laws, by the whole cut out saga, where over a Billion was spend just on cut out all over the country, and even in places where animals are likely to see the cut out over the humans. Such was the waste.

In stark contrast My3 has hardly put out cut outs, and posters are few and far between and even the Newspaper ads are a fraction of what the GOSL is displaying. All this reflects the belief of the My3 campaign, and that people will in fact begin to accept that waste of people’s money by the GOSL will not be tolerated by the My3 campaign. Whether our electors can make this deduction I am still not convinced.

Now that the Peshawar school killings of over 125 innocent Children and a sprinkling of adults will be used as the reason for the GOSL perpetual existence. They will try to convince the electorate that ONLY they can guarantee stability, and a country free of terrorism, when terrorism is rife in all the Countries in South Asia except for Sri Lanka.

I don’t buy that argument for a moment, as I believe we are at the tinderbox stag of yet another terror onslaught due to the actions of the GOSL to stoke division, which is the precursor to terrorism. It is not apparent to a foolish electorate due to the end of the 30 year war. If only they know that it is only a My3 Govt. that can at least show a path to governance and the Rule of Law and Order that is missing today, is the only answer to prevent terrorism then they will think otherwise.

All these countries have wars and as consequences of war there is terrorism just as we have had. The fact that we eradicated the initial terrorism is in no doubt, and at a high human cost is not in doubt except for the public inability to understand that the GOSL has lied to the people.

I am not saying that massacres are not necessary to win. I am just saying that if we had admitted that we massacred to win the war we would be in a better position, NOT having to suffer the ignominy of UN resolutions, due to the inability of people to admit to their part.

Let us therefore hope that the sinister attempt to be made to use the Pakistan massacre as a reason for keeping this Head up on pics for another 8 years, will not work with the populace at large and see it for the cheap political gain they attempt!  

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