Sunday, December 28, 2014

Today even the GOSL polls have finally turned the tide towards MS!

Just now even the most conservative of Govt. polls has just put Maithri ahead of Mahinda by a squeaker! For the first time. It now shows in the faces of all GOSL leaders still remaining (meaning still stomping for MR). Don’t forget most of the others though who have NOT jumped are NOT stomping for MR and are out of sight, not even been seen in the electorates they are supposed to be working in!

There is NO hearsay now, it is factual. It is 51% to MS. Of course the Joint opposition pollsters show 55% to MR’s 45% of those likely to vote. They expect that to be a tide, which on polling day will be 58% to 42%. However that depends on how much or how many billions the GOSL is willing to give away to persuade people to vote for them.

There is a talk that they are willing to offer 500,000 Rs 5000 notes for a vote at the last minute, and so the opposition will have to be over 500,000 thousand ahead at that time in case people take the money and also foolishly cast the vote also, not realizing that they are different transactions! 

The nationwide day of reckoning was today. All across the Country, the only organized opposition, namely the UNP were at work in the electorates, going house to house, with Sirikotha inundated and then running out of leaflets to give the organizers. Their campaign for the most part was successful, and well received across the country.

The Universal comment was where are the GOSL workers? Even the RDA workers and the Samurdhi recipients who have to sign up and help, to get their Samurdhi welfare were also missing! Are they hiding, and are they campaigning out of sight? No one was able to provide an answer except to say that ALL UPFA offices were bereft of people, just leaflets packed piles high with no one able to deliver them. While the opposite was true of the Opposition UNP offices, No leaflets but plenty of volunteers to go house to house to deliver them.

Of course the above is at 28th Dec, and much can happen by 8th January. However the GOSL has run out of steam, they are just offering oodles of cash for PS members to cross, now starting at Rs10M. The GOSL campaign in now just reduced to hugely expensive TV, Radio, and Newspaper ads. And Ironically the radio ads are counter-productive as it is the Maharaja ones, that are putting people off even more, and if they had any sense should be pulling them out as they  are having a negative effect. However it is not over until it is over, so its NOT OVER yet!

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