Monday, December 22, 2014

Kins Nelson – sold to slavery for Rs 250M – HGP must be cursing from beyond!

In what can only be pure greed, of someone who was not in want, the people of Sri Lanka who are in want paid a further Rs250M to him, so he would switch his allegiances and disappear into the sunset.

After all politics was not his game, and when he saw an easy way out, for a whopping 250M he threw loyalty, and respect a side, and enslaved himself to be a mere slave who sold himself in the slave market.

It is the people who protected him, believed in him, when Sidney and Donald who saw through him, distanced themselves from his kind, that have been sold down the river. He will in time live to regret his decision, but those who have been brought up in the reflected glory of their illustrious parents, have no idea, that their principles are just skin deep. It is the faith in the system that has taken a tumble, just as it has with all the jumpers on both sides, and there is no difference in any of them, no matter how they wish to justify their move, to satisfy their conscience.

If there is one lesson we learn from all this, it is that we MUST change the system, to prevent the public who put these servants in these positions of trust, from being cuckolded in this fashion.

No amount of explanations can justify this kind of reprehensible behavior, and after the initial round of exhortations, to prevent him from moving were apparently successful, the price just rose to the level, where the Range Rovers were lighting his eyes, and his wife’s wealth could be weighed against his new found wealth and we know what happens when that becomes an issue, a cuckold gets too swollen headed and disaster strikes, all of one’s own making.

In the end it is the lesson the people of the District will show on Election day that counts if one wants a change and let us see, if prostitutes or the prostituted do win this game of chance, at the Casino tables.

This on a day, Polonnaruwa District teeters on the whims of King Mahasena, where he decides whether his tank the Minneriya, will burst its banks or allow the people who have already suffered under the extreme weather, some respite. A few more days and it will be over one way or another. If we are there to rescue what is left, the indomitable Rajarata population will bounce back with fortitude and determination, to teach these bandit politicians, what it really means to be a bandit of stolen goods, the people have worked so hard and shed so much sweat to provide.      

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