Monday, December 29, 2014

All it takes is just 40 days from being a Hero to become Zero!

Another history lesson for the Maharajanani. Too bad he does not read, nor understand the lessons of history, that are known only too well to his opposition counterpart the uncannily too well read Ranil Wickremasinghe, who must be smirking under that tight lipped grin of his, at the serious erosion of his opponents popularity, and with it the brazen exposure of his misdeeds, and behavioral transformation, that is now openly being talked about.

It was only on his Birthday, cum 4th anniversary of his second ascendancy to the position of omnipotence on the 18th of November that his power was on show, when Rs 1Billion was spent on advertising, by his sycophants, and his uncountable number of ministries, wishing him long life and many more years of rule!

Who would have thought that within 40 days, this proud, arrogant and powerful person would on the 28th of December 2014, be reduced to cancelling his rallies in Kandy, which were expected to be no shows, in comparison with those of the opposition, and would retreat to announcing that he is visiting the affected from a small landslide in Badulla, which his own NBRO was unable to identify earlier as a potential disaster waiting to happen.

He, with his omnipotent washi ball in his hand, for good luck, must come back to his senses, that astrology and superstition have no place in leading his people to a period of unbridled growth, in its real sense, namely their quality of life, as not measured in tangible benefits of limited use and impermanence, but that of satisfaction of living, devoid of greed, and material hoarding. That is leadership.

The game is up, a few more days and we will see what these people are made up of. Many rats are fleeing the sinking ship, but let us hope that they don’t seek solace with their previous opponents, but fade away with their ill-gotten gains to a life of reflection, that all things don’t happen to a man-made plan, but that which is bequeathed by a power beyond our control, that levels, and balances, so that people don’t become insane with the arrogance of power for too long.

Let this also be a warning to the new leaders that it is justice, righteousness and honesty that above all things, wins, no matter what personal ambitions one may set oneself. Therefore, as servants of the people, the day one forgets that simple fact, one becomes surplus to the order of things, in whatever one does. Short term glory will give way to long term misery, and it is well to keep that in mind.

History does repeat itself, and it is good to be aware of that in advance!  

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