Thursday, November 27, 2014

These are the bozos we have at the helm!

A bozo (a stupid or insignificant man) has been let loose by the people of this Country to lead them. He has gathered to his fold the criminals with a record that requires protection so we have a country run by Criminals. Worse the Bozo himself has just admitted it as such, you can understand by reading the link below

The fact that there are more bozos left who cannot understand this fact, is what is keeping this Great and mighty Clown in all his Glorious Veneer in a pedestal, whose foundations are cracking from under him.

It is really the time and place to call chips in, explain to the people, that the Act, and that is all that has happened to the hapless citizens, that the Act is finished, and it is the funeral rites that we have just endorsed if we are to save our motherland from further humiliation at the hands of the traitors in Patriot’s disguise.

When a President who is immune from prosecution, even for cold blooded murder, holds files of current criminals who have NOT BEEN PROSECUTED, then he is GUILTY as SIN for HARBORING CRIMINALS in his own CABINET.

What an indictment if ever there is one for the complete basterdization[u1]  of a nation. These pack of criminals must be dealt with if we are to clean our country from excrement. Until and unless they are eviscerated from our land, we cannot show by example to our children what right and wrong means when wrong has hitherto triumphed over right!

It is only when we revert to the rule of law, checks and balances, and good governance that we can return to the Good Old days, where we were able to live where we wanted, and feel safe in the midst of the law enforcement, no matter what creed or caste you belonged to.

In a majoritarian environment the majority who are uncaring do not understand the feelings of those in a minority, and therefore distrust and racism becomes the norm.

We can now overturn this rule, return our country from lies and performance to truth and humanity as well as modesty and free it from waste and greed. Let us all return to the basic values of family and village and togetherness, and discard this me me world that is the result of false prophets and gods.           


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