Friday, November 7, 2014

Gupta the IRCON culprit knows all who benefited from the deal - so the list will be published shortly

Gupta I believe has made his own pile of sins on the IRCON deal – another cost to the people, and vast kickbacks to the henchman all to be paid by people of Sri Lanka for years to come.

The contention by Sri Lankan experts who know their onions is unquestionable, and as they have NO personal stake here other than to state the truth, it is only correct on the part of IRCON and their representative here, Gupta to set the record straight rather than wiggle out by obvious lying.

See link and spot the obvious anomalies and lies of Gupta, who is only trying to defend himself as there are so many people including him personally who have benefitted from this deal.

While I don’t like getting personal on this, with all the lying Gupta has spouted, it needs some retort. Lets start with the fact that being the sole IRCON man on the ground in Sri Lanka, he was the all powerful head of the project with a lot of powers of decision making, and a lot of leeway in how money was spent.

So when he chose local contractors for all parts of the job, it was to his benefit. Only when he was able to get some benefit for him, would he offer a contract loaded with excess costs, which the people of Sri Lanka will have to pay in the future. If the Sri Lankan Railways paid this it would have not been through backhanders, but utilizing its own tried and tested suppliers and procedures, and they would have done it for a quarter of the cost. The fact that new lines were laid out with better material is not something new to SL Railways, and they could also have done the same with no compromise on speed or quality of the line.

I wonder how many women were able to sleep with him, or did he only give all the juicy contracts to one female who slept with him on a continuing scale we don’t know. It is just that the female in question being only money minded would not be averse to sleeping with Gupta when she could make a million or two dollars in clear profits for a couple of nights fun on the run. I am sorry Mrs Gupta but there goes the illusion of purity, when sex and money beckons the most potent twins of deceit get mixed up with public service!!!

Gupta, the facts are stubborn, you could have just said no comment, and not elicited the wrath of a reader, to your lies that even a monkey will not be persuaded to believe. It is tragic that the SL people are the victims of your misdeeds as well as!       

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