Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Avarice of our politicians – holds a country hostage

Is there no shame? It is quite clear that public money is being used to lure or to prevent leakage by defection, and it is now clear the stakes are high, so high that it boggles the mind. The indecent Rs500M offered for defections, and retentions beggars belief!

It is time that the people of Sri Lanka realize that they have unwittingly voted for the scum of the earth to represent them, as they have NO qualms to move and play musical chairs if the price is right! This selling oneself for the highest bidder is nothing more than prostitution, and for people elected by the populace of Sri Lanka to be termed prostitutes, is a telling indictment of the voters inability to judge for themselves between candidates, and allow themselves to be completely hoodwinked by a bunch of actors on both sides, hell bent on fattening their pockets at the expense of the state, namely the people of Sri Lanka. 

We have a choice. Don’t be fooled by rhetoric. Learn to understand rhetoric, from genuine altruism. Also don’t forget that an altruist turns into an actor ready to fleece if he or she has been on the game for too long, and I would put that at a maximum of 10 years, and I would prefer 5 to be the time one must commit one’s life to politics.

So we as a Country must reject the celebrations of anyone who has spent over 10 years in politics as a rogue, no matter who he is. Then people of stature, will dabble in politics for a short while to give it their all to their country, knowing that charlatans will not take over and take credit for their honest intentions, and work in  Nation Building.

So let us act fast, as there is NO more time to lose, to prevent all those who have made it a game of tails you win, in a win win game of Sri Lanka politics, from grabbing power, getting elected, and holding on to power for too long.

This also includes the leader of the opposition, who has been far too long in politics to be good for the Country, despite his honesty and lack of personal greed for amassing wealth. Let us identify a band of leaders NOT prostitutes and give them a chance at the top jobs. We must limit the period they can operate and continue to monitor their progress. Only then will we change the political culture from a rogues profession to a patriots one.                

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