Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is it right for a Buddhist cleric to claim credit?

When the Ven Athureliya Rathana Thero, wishes to glorify himself for ever, by taking credit for bringing Maithripala Sirisena as the common candidate to represent all those who wish to topple the Dictatorship of the family Rajapakse, it is a little too smug! It smacks of un-Buddhist belief to wallow in triumphalism, when modesty in behavior is the requirement of a true Buddhist.

Ibso facto then, we live in a make believe Country, where un Buddhists pretend to be Buddhists, and Leaders pretend to be leaders, by acting the part, and further that positions are for sale to the highest bidder like an auction of prostitutes plying their wares. Into this veritable Gomorrah, descends a common candidate, with seemingly selfless determination to unseat the status quo, but lo and behold it gradually dawns that ulterior motives are at work.

Does the Ven Rathana Thero wish to influence future decisions by proclaiming NO support of the JHU to the common candidate, on the one hand, and then claiming credit for all positive outcomes that arise out of the actions of the Common candidate? Then if the common candidate wins the Presidential, will he wish to claim all credit for bringing him to that position, implying a position of authority to determine policy of the new Government? You just cannot have it both ways.

This kind of duplicity is NOT what is the need of the hour, but instead, an honest, and clear statement, of where his loyalties lie. I would therefore appeal to the generally highly regarded monk to use his influence to back the common candidate, NOT leaving any wiggle room to confuse the issue of where the JHU loyalties are and merely say, that once he is elected, then their position will be further clarified, in their decision to contest the General Election as an independent party, without affiliation, which will align itself to the Government most closely proposing the policies adopted by the JHU as a national movement!

In this game of prostitution, it is ONLY those who can never be bought no matter what the price, who will triumph in the natural order of righteousness to show by example that we can indeed change our political culture, for the common good, completely rejecting the current practices of underworld leaders of Government in favor of what is RIGHT! Then and only then, can the rogues be banished forever. It is time for Right to overcome Wrong!!!!  

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  1. You are confused again. Rathana thero is fully geared to support the common candidate whether JHU supports or not. Others in JHU are not sure since we all know a common candidate - TNA agreement is down the line somewhere.

    Disorganized common morons were organized by rathana thero and a foreign mission. That is probably why mangala isn't anywhere to seen. He wants a fully anti-sinhala front that will be able to take forward the federalist ideas.