Saturday, November 8, 2014

The “pariah” of the world continues to deflect their transgressions of today, by a defying stance on the transgressions of yesterday.

Who but the most ignorant would deny that the only friends we seem to draw to us are all those questionable nations, such as Lesotho, Libya, Uganda, Seychelles, Myanmar, Maldives, and Afghanistan to name a few. Why is this? Why are we desperate to seek our friends amongst these? Is it because we cannot even match the standards of others to be friends?

What an embarrassing situation, when the only reason China seems to want to come here is to make it a Colony, as it is a desirable place for them to live, marry our girls and gradually colonize as they have to find some space for their expanding population, and provide a better quality of life for their affluent out of their own Country, that is turning into a polluted hell hole of the world.

So no wonder that even the new HC at the UNHRC, is frustrated at the stalling of the Govt. in the investigations. This is something SL should have put to bed in 2009 once and for all. However they took the stupid diplomatic decision to fight, which will result in the MR govt. fighting the UN till the end of their term, resulting in the people of SL being dragged in the mud for sins of one and not of the nation.

It is only when the sycophants realize their leader is a traitor, will we see a change in Govt. and until then we will suffer in silence to the wholesale rape and plunder of the nation with impunity in front of our eyes. The obstruction of the OCHR is just part of this game plan of political gamesmanship, where only the hapless SL citizens are the victims on a daily basis, and the pride of the leadership gets worse than preening peacocks.

It is time someone has the guts to highlight this sad state of affairs, where the State is fooling the people, and trying to cover up their sins, in the guise that the rest of the world is supporting the Diaspora. We could have obtained a lasting peace soon after the war ended, as that was the most appropriate time for that to have happened. Where are we now? No nearer resolution, and who are we to blame.

It is time for action and a concerted reaction on the part of the people to take the law into their own hands against the illegal and treacherous activity of the Govt.        

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