Monday, May 19, 2014

How ironic the President’s words were yesterday? They apply to him more than anyone else!

It is my belief that someone who continues to be divisive, and 5 years after eviscerating the LTTE terrorists from this land, still talks of peace, is himself complicit in the lack of peace, and hence a traitor to his country.

One cannot get a Patriot moniker by merely defeating a bunch of uncivilized terrorists, whilst continuing in the same path of un-civility! History will be the judge, but it is better for us to understand the destructive action of the present regime and try to change course, than try to overturn the consequences of this treachery.

It was therefore incredibly banal to say………. “He emphasized that the attempt to encourage terrorism is the biggest injustice that could be done to the Tamil community and the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) is the best mean to discover solutions when comes to national issues.”

One encourages terrorism only when one does not address the core issues that resulted in terrorism in the first place. In that the President is more guilty than the Diaspora. Though the latter MUST share blame.

It is however completely in the hands of such a powerful President to be magnanimous in victory, to take steps to ensure that terrorism does not raise its ugly head ever again. He has NOT dealt this hand fairly resulting in this treachery that I keep alluding to. There has never been a President of Sri Lanka with so much power, and who could really end this impasse. That is the reason he must take the blame for his patronizing attitude and lack of initiatives to solve the ethnic issue once and for all. We have such a glorious chance to put this behind us and go forward, but we appear to have blown it fair and square. 

There are NO second chances, and take it from me that there will never in future be a leader of Sri Lanka as powerful as Mahinda Rajapakse. So it is him who is destroying his legacy singlehandedly, and taking the Country down with it.

All the political acumen he has used to win a terrorist war, is not sufficient to win a lasting peace and therein lies his failure, his downfall and his inevitable place in history as one who squandered a world beating chance to make it to the world’s greats by being petty, insecure, and simple minded. NO media savvy, no people’s darling, and no amount of sycophancy, will remove that tag of an utter failure, when history is re-written once the history writer is no more.  

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