Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Judiciary ROCKS the Government – MR has LOST his way!

Ho ho ho, it looks like the beginning of the end of this blasted dictatorship and even the Chief Justice has opined against this pernicious method of the subjugation of the nation’s citizens by a cruel regime.

The Fort Magistrate ruled on Monday the 19th that the Police used excessive force in arresting the Allied Health Science Students who were demonstrating for an extension of their degree course from 3 to 4 years as had been originally created.

To Understand the importance of this decision, that normally would be issued by a higher Appellate Court such as the Appeals Court or Supreme Court, the Magistrate would have definitely received vibes from the Chief Justice to issue a statement such as this, putting the President on notice, that the police state in which people now unquestionably live has got to stop. He has finally woken up from his slumber and is doing a Neville Smarakoon.

When JRJ appointed Neville Samarakoon as his Chief Justice, he thought he was a poodle who would do as JRJ wanted. He could not be so mistaken. Smarakoon asserted the Independence of the Judiciary by his legal rulings. This is the FIRST time since Mohan Peiris took office that such a challenge to the Regime has been issued by the judiciary of any bench. Thilina Gamage WILL NOT act on his own at his lowly level of making such a stern statement.

The statement goes on further to cast a stern order on the police NOT to bring ex-parte orders in future TO THIS COURT. (ekapakshkawa theendu denna enna apa!!!) This means that when the Police go to court to obtain an arrest warrant, there must be another party representing the alleged violator, who can express a contrary opinion, and the judge/magistrate can then weigh the merits of the two in acceding to the police request.


The Sri Lankan Judiciary is licking their lips, happy that the CJ has finally turned independent, and willing to challenge the regime, and thereby its unlawful actions. For the sake of all Sri Lankans and Justitia, Lady Justice herself, I just hope that it is true!  She represents the fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, avarice, prejudice and favor. Mohan Peiris you still have time to redeem yourself of all allegations, and be a defender of the weight of your office. 

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