Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lakbima Editor – Saman Wagaarachchi confirms our worst fears about Sajith Premadasa

Saman resigns!!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post that Sajith had gone to Thilanga Sumathipala, to ask him to remove the Lakbima editor, it is now apparent from Mr Wagaarachchi’s statement

Mahinda Rajapaksa, Ghotabaya Rajapaksa, Tiran Alles have in addition to Sajith gone to Thilanga leaving NO option for this resignation to take place.

It is therefore with the blessings of the President that Tiran Alles and his Ceylon Newspaper Group who support both Sajith and his campaign of demolition of the UNP along with his erstwhile mouthpieces, Maithri Guneratne and Shiral Laktileke, have chosen the President’s agenda. It is now a foregone conclusion that the “dichotomy” that I referred to earlier, is proof positive of the involvement at the highest level of support for the Sajith course of action in keeping the UNP firmly in conflict so the opposition to this terrible regime is minimized.

Whether Sajith is party to this or just a pawn in Mahinda’s game is up to Sajith to come clean about. If he does so he will expose his Achilles heel and therefore only admit to his failings when he is prepared to accept that he is unelectable and comes to terms with reality.

In either scenario, his duplicity is exposed and the Govt. game of setting one against the other is confirmed beyond reasonable doubt. It is now up to the people to be informed that a game is being played, where misinformation is fed in the form of news to confuse and confound the people, who are unable to make up their minds, and judge people for who they are, based on rational evaluation of their behavior and character, but be misled by innuendo and canard.

I wish the ex Editor of the paper Lakbima good fortune in his future, and the circulation of Lakbima which was rising as a result of some plain speak will now revert to its loss. Thilanga will have to carry the loss, and be thankful to his President for forcing him to make a loss, but that serves him right to be sleeping with the devil, as in the end only justice will prevail.

Another chapter in the pressure brought on the Media in the era of NO Press Freedom is exposed.           

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