Monday, May 5, 2014

Why does the Govt. protect and promote known contract killers?

The primary and very public miscreant in the Hambantota fiasco, namely the Mayor of Hambantota (the mere mention of his name should give the ruler a shiver down his spine, but it does not) Eraj Fernando is still at large, as he is given protection for breaking the law, by the highest office of the Country.

This whole farce of saying 4 people have been arrested is not going to absolve traitors from their responsibilities, as in the end the Police will either determine that there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute, or just let the whole thing slide into another case of delayed injustice.

We are simply fed up that ALL those who are accused of carrying out the agenda of the Govt. never have to face the full force of the law for breaking the law with impunity. This whole farce of people being arrested to show that there has been SOME action as a result of the sit-down demonstration at the Hambantota Police Station, against the Police inability to enforce law and order that they are duty bound to protect.

The henchmen drunk to the misdeeds of this increasingly maniacal administration are simply unable to comprehend that there is grievous misuse and abuse of the powers conferred on the executive and therefore on their sycophants who appear to automatically obtain immunity from prosecution.

It is a grave indictment of the Presidency that people who have the confidence of the Executive, be they contract killers or criminals make a mockery of the justice system, where innocent people are taken in for questioning on spurious charges, to frighten them, and guilty enjoy protection.

What is worse is that our international detractors are given the opportunity of further pointing out the unacceptable state of administration in Sri Lanka, and it further belittles the Country in the eyes of our overseas friends and neighbors. It is us who have to defend our Country from these unfair allegations, whilst the Executive gives fuel to the allegations. Let us call a spade a spade and accuse the Executive of “Treachery” against the people of Sri Lanka by deliberately giving safe haven to criminals (especially in the Hambantota District) to operate with impunity at the expense of the General Public who are law abiding and work for the betterment of the Country. Let us accuse these guilty traitors in the open, try them for their crime and punish them for their treachery. We MUST hold those accountable as otherwise there are NO deterrents to treachery!!!!!           

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