Sunday, March 18, 2012

Opposition Rally, May Day 2012 – A chance for a truly unified nation, finally!

The UNP had expressed a desire to show solidarity with the Tamil speaking region of the country, namely Jaffna peninsula, by holding their May Day rally in Jaffna. Initially, they wanted to hold it on their own and wanted to show the people that it is the only party in the Country that represents all the people of Sri Lanka, irrespective of race, religion, caste or income level. They wanted to show that all people under the Elephant symbol wherever they might live is the way to be inclusive as they have shown in all the past elections.

It became apparent to them that they have NO organization in Jaffna at all to assist their supporters who may come to Jaffna for this rally to show solidarity with them in the North. It is going to be an uphill task of breaking out of the TNA stronghold in the that has a vice like grip amongst Northerners, who believe that it is only the TNA who are there for them in the end in the fight against the Sri Lankan Govt.

Due to this inability to garner sufficient support, something I could have told them at the point of them even making a decision, they have now decided to have a joint opposition rally including the TNA and the other minor left wing parties. I personally believe that it is not a good idea, as I am not at all happy with the end rationale of the TNA, first as the political wing of the LTTE until they were crushed and now as the only voice of the Tamils of the North and East.

It must be remembered that the Govt. sponsored EPDP with Douglas Devananda and the paramilitary organization that they run, is responsible for much of the intimidation and the LLRC report in its preliminary findings, implored the Govt. as a first act to disarm these factions, none of which has been carried out to date.

In this backdrop, I believe though the Govt. has been very disingenuous in their statements of intent and resulting actions, showing they have no intention of coming to any  sort of accommodation with the Tamil people, they hold the Media card, when it comes to portraying the UNP as being in alliance with the TNA, which they most certainly are not. This is a morale loser for the UNP rank and file. So I do believe that this rally should either be cancelled or the UNP should go it alone despite the lack of resources to bring a large number of people North, due to the cost. Sajith Premadasa sensing this has already disassociated himself from this rally. To say in public that he is removing himself, means he is actually not working in tandem with the party he is representing, and should go his own way, breaking off from the party. I believe in these public statements if there is no unity, there is but one course of action, which is to expel him from the UNP forthwith.

I digress from the original explanation, but I feel it is important to put in perspective the sole direction that Sajith is adopting at every step to disassociate himself from the party, and therefore it is NOT congruent for him to be part of the team when he is going his own way, showing the public and people of this country that he DOES NOT agree with many of the policy stances of the leadership of which HE IS part. He must face facts, that his continued existence within the party is now not just called into question, but proven to be untenable.

Coming back to the original intention of the UNP which is a very noble one and in keeping with the party’s 65 year history, one has to first organize one’s own party support in the North, as an ALTERNATIVE to the TNA and the govt. will never be able to show them as an alternative, due to the very decisive statements that their coalition partners in the 18 party Alliance continue to make.

How can the Tamil people be convinced that the UNP are honorable in their intentions, to unify the country in ideology from its currently divided state? The ‘Gallery’ which is all the govt. cares about does not realize the extent to which the country is divided today. They are drunk with the rhetoric of the unified state which is only a myth in the imagination of a few people, but brainwashed into the disinformation campaign being carried out. I agree it is a highly favorable political act, but treacherous when it comes to the long term interests of the Nation.

How then can the UNP convince the all the Tamil people in the North and East that it is ONLY the UNP, which can actually improve their rights, quality of life, and ability to live in peace without fear? AND for the UNP to ensure that there will never be ANY chance of the LTTE like force rising from the ashes. The latter which is a distinct possibility if the Govt. continues this path of treachery advocated by a coterie of people including many in the media who, due to the extent of the LTTE butchery do not have an objective view of right and wrong, as well as justice and injustice, because of inbuilt prejudices, they do not realize they carry in their subconscious.

I trust therefore that a positive goal is drawn up to return the UNP to its former glory, by convincing first its rank and file that it is the only and largest party that befriends the interests of the Citizens of Sri Lanka. Then it is incumbent on them to spread the GOSPEL that it is only the UNP which can truly unify the country, something this Govt. will do its utmost by fear mongering to do otherwise. I trust the UNP leadership has the courage to do what is right, and also convince the people of the honesty and integrity of this intention as the ONLY solution.

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