Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Resolution is giving a headache to those who really believe this Dictatorship is bad for Sri Lanka

A comment on a posting in the Transcurrents web site – Advice re the LLRC vote
I note below a comment I wrote on an article published in the Transcurrents web site on 19th March 2012

The article was by a Sinhala Canadian Lawyer by the name of Viresh Fernando sent as an open letter to the Sinhala Canadians and headed, “Ruling Rajapkse dynasty must be held accountable for the atrocities they are responsible for” It asked the Sinhala Canadians to lobby their MPs to ask their Government to vote for the resolution.

I was merely pointing out that those who live overseas be they Sinhala or Tamil Diaspora, are actually far removed from the reality that those who live in Sri Lanka, both communities face. Those who come and vacation, or come regularly on business or due to family ties, still do not understand the mental frustrations of Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka who have no option to leave, but have to make a go of it the best way they can within the Island.

In this great debate to vote or not, I point out that irrespective of the vote, the attitude of the Government will not change at all, and especially if they lose, it will be worse for human rights and fundamental rights, which though enshrined in the Constitution are broken with impunity, by those who rule, believing it not necessary to heed our laws when it comes to Governing the country.

I am a concerned Sri Lankan living in Sri Lanka so my views may slightly differ from that of the author. While I agree with you that the Resolution is extremely mild, only requesting that the LLRC recommendations be implemented and non binding, it is seen especially because of unprecedented State misinformation, to be an attempt by Rest of the World, (Western) aided and abetted by the Tamil Diaspora to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Of course this may be legal in accordance with the international conventions the SL govt. has signed, but it seems to the local audience to be an attempt to obtain some revenge by the Tamil diaspora for their loss.

This attitude further prevents the opposition to the Government of which I am one, from being able to get any traction as the public of Sri Lanka are easily aroused by perceived intimidation. The way I see it, as part of my work in explaining the everything that is wrong in the present day of all acts of administration by the Government, it is all completely overshadowed by this non existent Resolution. People on the streets really do believe it is a LTTE plot to destabilize the administration.

So all the ills of the administration are clearly swept under the carpet, making my life extremely difficult and precarious. I am attempting to point out increase in cost of living, the corruption, the mismanagement, the robbing of all the country’s resources, the blatant daily abuses of Human Rights, the lack of a fee press, the intimidation and threats against people, but it is all not considered as important by those who are fooled by this reason.

In my opinion the overseas UNHRC resolution has strengthened the Rajapakse resolve and not weakened it. We in the opposition have no resources to fight the good fight, we have to risk our necks daily to speak one on one to try and explain to people the real story and it is a hard slog.

In fact you all be in Tamil or Sinhala Diaspora are our enemies in this fight NOT our friends. We who have to earn, live and fight the good fight at the ground with no relatives who send money to make life any easier are those who suffer from this state of play. If you want to help us, please refrain from putting pressure on the Govt. it is we who live here who actually feel it. The Rajapakses love what these resolutions are doing. In fact i have heard it said that they want to lose this resolution in the UNHRC so that they can strengthen their vice like grip on the political conscience.

You may have talked to the 3 wheeler about badu mila, but you know our psyche here complain about everything but do nothing. Try and get people to demonstrate against cost of living and you will have a hard time getting people on to the roads. The lotus eaters here still shy away from hard work. People are just apathetic.

There are thousands of jobs going abegging in Sri Lanka with no takers, because the wages offered are too low for people who can live on little and who need an overseas pay chek to get them out of their slumber. Like you said, all the best people and most energetic leave these shores as they do not feel well compensated here, there is a safety valve.

2 million people who work overseas (NOT counting the Diaspora who really have little intention of returning to settle) and remit earnings now amounting to $7B a year, equivalent to SL having a sovereign wealth fund of $500B props up this corrupt mafia who run this place.

If what you want is Regime change to get this country back to a civilized state, then you are going about it the wrong way. It has to be done internally, first by educating the people to think and not believe the blatant lies spouted out under Govt. grace. Then by empowering them that they can actually make a difference and then we can do it.

The odds are stacked against us at present, and you are increasing these odds and not reducing them. If the Sinhala Diaspora truly love this country, they really have to first make a commitment to wanting the same freedoms they enjoy in Canada for us in Sri Lanka. I am sorry that the Tamil Diaspora just cannot help up as their inbuilt prejudices cannot make them understand that it is not a race based issue in Sri Lanka and that it is simply Despotic Rule.

Next time you come to Sri Lanka you may look at a different angle, without saying there is no opposition. There is but our job is harder due to the international actions.

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