Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The goal post changes yet again – a litany of the SL Govt.’s duplicity

Why are we so unfortunate to have to deal with a bunch of cretins, a lame excuse for a Government? They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams to get the Resolution, sponsored by 40+ nations to pass. They then dispute the result by saying it was close, a loss by one vote. Only in Sri Lanka does one count an abstention as a vote for the Resolution.

The latest is the Government maintains that the LLRC exceeded its mandate. God knows what they expected if they only kept to their interpretation of its mandate. 

Nevertheless what is at issue is the disingenuous way this government changes the goal posts and carries on as if nothing has happened. They then maintain that either they have implemented to recommendations, unable to implement them as it is contrary to the constitution or failing it the recommendation was not part of the mandate. This obvious misleading stance is meant to confuse and obfuscate their responsibilities.

The people playing this game think they are exceedingly clever in this process. However it is obvious to the people who matter that it is a clear case of refusal to heed any dictat from overseas, an overriding principle of the government which they strongly and firmly believe is one which will carry them through all landmines laid across their path by the Western Powers.

This overriding arrogance defines the foreign policy, which I know for a fact led to the US resolution in the first place. So the game of political poker is one that is to pump up personalities and show the country to be run by media hungry and media savvy clique and the people who put them there as impressionable imbeciles.

It is annoying that so much time is spent playing this game of hide & seek. It kills time, meant to take the eye off the ball of affairs of state which are becoming more critical and important. They are needlessly deflected by this charade that is played in full view of a bemused world, that says What’s next? How farfetched is the latest statement? What about the real acts and atrocities now being carried out meant to deny the previous acts, which are the one’s under the microscope?

This shameless series of deliberate rejections of the rights of the United Nations, calls into question our membership in the august institution. This has been done to deny that the leadership committed any wrongdoing, and to portray all those who accuse the leadership as being in the lap of a Diaspora led mafia, all of which are firmly fixated in the figment of imagination of the gullible public, thanks to what has been displayed above as tampering with what is right and wrong.

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