Sunday, March 25, 2012

Navi Pillay made an unprecedented accusation – one never before heard of!

The delegates themselves have been accused of Human Rights Violations while in Geneva! So now we have a real problem. She is due to come to Sri Lanka too.

Are we frightened to take this up with her, lest she can prove it? Inaction is tantamount to guilt, so we assume they are Guilty. What do we do about them? Hand them over to her or let her come and take them, while we watch? Mr President I am waiting for your comments on the issue as you have remained strangely silent so far.

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs Pillay of South Africa, has said that the Sri Lanka delegation that had come to Geneva to fight the case against the US resolution, had actually directly engaged in real threats to Journalists and NGO’s pointing to reprisals and attacks if they set foot in Sri Lanka. Some were on local journalists either covering the event or invited to speak at fringe events during the UNHRC sessions. Never has a Commissioner in history, made this accusation.

It is tantamount to saying that members of the Sri Lanka delegation, actually broke the laws of the country they were in, and due to a level of diplomatic immunity were not prosecuted for the crime they committed. I believe we must take this accusation seriously, as it is tantamount to an indictment against our delegates, showing them also to be no more than common criminals, thieves and bandits!!

It appears that we are either frightened or know this to be true, and that is why this direct threat has not been adequately covered in the Sinhala press for want of words to express dismay or protest. There is too much proof available to her for this to be another attempt at denial, the usual response when they get caught in a compromising position.
In my opinion, we sent amateurs to fight a case that was a serious one, and even Navy Pillay was able to show them for who they really are. A huge delegation, that even exceeded the number of members of the UNHRC were sent. As they were not qualified for the job in hand they spent their time shopping in the malls, spending money that SL govt. gave them generously to entertain delegates of the countries to the Council.

I have made this statement before and I repeat it again, that we must allow our diplomats to their job and not second guess what our options should be. It is only a seasoned diplomat who will be able to gauge the reactions of each country, and know in diplomatic parlance how to tackle the different items to benefit the country. It obvious that the bull in a china shop approach of a bunch of thugs from Sri Lanka, did the country no favors and was counter-productive in achieving the stated goals.

In conclusion, the President’s foreign policy  of using amateurs like Sajin Vaas to come to Geneva has really shown this country in poor light. I would go as far as to accuse the govt. of negligence in their dealings on this issue, and label this tactic as treachery against the people of Sri Lanka who deserve better from their appointed diplomats and elected leaders, something we are still waiting for. 

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