Thursday, October 13, 2011

who is trying to kid who in Sri Lanka - come on Mr President lets have a little honesty for a change

This latest act of violence in Sri Lankan politics where two prominent figures in the ruling UPFA were involved in a gun battle between them which resulted in deaths including one of the figures, while the other is clinging onto life is a feud the President of the country knew about and in my opinion did nothing to interfere with, implying that he condoned it!

There is no doubt that the two thugs had a problem with each other, and it was openly displayed and the President appears to have condoned the election malpractices of Dumnda Silva who was the organizer of Kolonnawa who had resorted to terror tactics and intimidation to prevent UNP activists from actively campaigning for their candidates. They  were not allowed into most of the areas ostensibly in areas under his control. They were furthermore threatened and told that once the elections were over their homes would be destroyed completely. Just as well for them that he was badly injured and unable to carry out his threats.

It must be remembered that the election violence wrought on the UNP left many candidates fearful of campaigning and furthermore when the result was announced that the UNP only lost by a 500 or so votes, it was apparent that had there not been intimidation, they (the UNP) would have had a huge majority. If they received so many votes under the trying conditions within which they operated, it is apparent that the government received a huge vote of no confidence in Kolonnawa against the UPFA in this regard.

Coming back to the first point, it is the President's complete responsibility for what happened, having placed a thug and drug dealer, knowingly to intimidate UNP candidates and voters, and little did he realize that a person from his own party, to which he places very little credence, was the person who lost his life. No wonder he was hooted when he came to shed crocodile tears at the funeral of the SLFP trade union leader and Presidential Adviser Baharatha Lakshman Premachandra.

It was telling how the SLFP old guard slammed the President by insinuation as to the death of one of their colleagues and if the President does not get the message that his thugs must be taken out he only has a very short time left in politics. It is so sad that the people of Sri Lanka, the patriotic people have been fooled and completely bamboozled by a common criminal, who should be publicly flogged for his anti patriotic performance against the state and people of Sri Lanka, making a mockery of democracy, and the respect that it commands. Once the people of Sri Lanka wake to realize the scoundrel they have in power, they will boot him out of office on all fours like an animal. I am sad to have to say this of a man I thought I could have faith in, but the litany of examples shown by him has completely shattered that faith, and the completely false image put out for the people of Sri Lanka to see makes me pity my countrymen for failing to see through the veneer of respect, and find the heinous creature within!!

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