Wednesday, October 19, 2011

how easy is it to relinquish power? Omar is still not ready! Why, is he compromising the files prior to handover?

It was interesting to note that Mr AJM Muzammil was sworn as the Mayor of the CMC in front of the Leader of the Opposition. I was not privy to the oath of swearing in, but I presume this is not a required formality, and just one for the media. It would be interesting to actually see the words of his swearing in. They were not reported in any of the news items I had come across.

After his swearing in he was off to the CMC to start work. Hey presto! sorry  chum you cannot come in the doors are locked to you and the keys will be given when we are ready, thus spake Omar Kamil (unelected, government appointed special commissioner who I believe was overseeing the running (dictator) of the CMC under the guidance of the erstwhile Secretary of the Defense Ministry.

While I have no personal beef with Mr Kamil and on the surface have seen some of the fruits of his effort of beautifying Colombo and disposing of the beggars to a rehabilitation colony, I wonder if he thought this day would come when he loses his job! Please enlighten me as to why he is still not permitting the Elected Mayor to resume office, thus giving his political mentors, like Ravi Karunanayake (who by the way I am not a fan of) to get up and ask pertinent questions of the government as to when he would be allowed to resume his duties. It was also interesting to note that the government benches were also stumped for an answer to that question!

If I  go into the office of Kamil at this hour of dawn to find all the files missing or destroyed, so that the new Mayor will proclaim to the world that he is unable to carry out his duties due to lack of cooperation from the previous administration as there is no evidence as to what he has been up to? Now we don't want that do we in the interests of the Colombians!

So please co-operate and ensure the transition is smooth, and allow the new administration the courtesy of your prior knowledge so that the citizens of the CIty of Colombo are not short changed due to petty political bickering. I also hope that the sulking Defense Secretary, now at the butt end of a lot of criticism will also get into this same mood for the sake of the people of Sri Lanka, putting political differences aside.

Hey Omar please be quick, I can't stand hearing Ravi K getting up today in Parliament to complain again about the same thing.

In case you are wondering who I am, I am a fly on the wall if you turn round you will see me. Yesterday I was in Parliament. I fly so I get around a lot faster than most of you, and a fly can get through most security as I am too small to be noticed. So read the rest of my blog entries and find out many things that the newspapers or the other blogs have not reported. Thanks

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