Monday, October 17, 2011

The arrogance of lying in government - Duminda no reason to be a suspect

It is ironic that I comment on consecutive blog articles on pronouncements by two people with the last name Hulugalle. Yesterday it was about Arjuna Hulugalle asking the Tamils to cut the crap and work with the government, using some spurious and nebulous arguments that do not make any sense.

Today it is an equally asinine government sycophant Lakshman Hulugalle saying that there is no reason whatsoever to include the thug drug dealing MP as a suspect in the killing of Bharatha Lakshman. If there was anything more blatantly obvious it was that Duminda killed and ordered to be killed this Bharatha Lakshman fellow. So for the misnamed Director General of the Media Center for National Security to say that the prime suspect in the cold blooded murder in broad daylight is not a suspect, defies any human degree of explanation and is indicative of the state of the Nation where the perpetrators are sheltered by the very same ruler, aka Mahinda Rajapakse. This makes it easy for him to be airlifted for treatment in Singapore, which is just a ruse to have him outside the country for the time being for his own security as Bharatha Lakshman's men are also out to get him for this heinous crime if the state appears to be impotent at doing so, officially denying his involvement.

I wonder what authority this man has to make a statement like that, but as it is in his capacity of the media spokesman on national security he must have been authorized or ordered by Ghotabaya Rajapakse to make this statement to the media, exonerating the culprit from culpability!!

It is no wonder that Sri Lanka far from being the wonder of asia is now the only banana republic in Asia and if the citizens of this country do not yet realize that the jokers who are making it the banana republic continue to insult this country and treat it like their personal fiefdom, it is a sad indictment on the nation.

It is seems to be very difficult to change the mind set of the shelfish electorate as they are only thinking of the short term benefits, and not realizing that they have put in place a government that is gradually eroding all the freedoms they are used to, will they come to the point at which at the point of the gun they will be forced to do something they do not to realize the harsh reality of the current situation. I hope not and I hope our people can become a little wise to the fact that there is a massive fraud taking place where the assets of the nation have been stolen by the rulers and not wait until the whole nation is hawked to lenders to realize they must do something about it before it is too late. 

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