Monday, October 3, 2011

The Death of Dr Prasad Jayasinghe at Thalgahahandiya, in Karandeniya

A well respected doctor attached to the Boraketiya Government Hospital was gunned down as he was walking to his car, after seeing patients at his surgery. This act of cold blooded murder has angered the thousands of people who live in the area as he has been a social worker, and has helped numerous patients, treating many of them without charging. The allegation is that he was killed by a rival, namely one whose livelihood was threatened by the social service performed by him.

The reason I am writing about this is that if a social worker is now fair game to be murdered in this isle, then who is next. We engage in numerous social work which help people. It could be argued that by the social work we do other people who make money by charging people for the same service, whether it is to get a kid into a school for which we ask no favors, or if it is to intercede on behalf of someone, in a legal matter, then crooked bribe taking school masters, or lawyers who charge people can point a finger at us and literally get a gun pointed at us as they feel that some income owing to them is disappearing due to a person willing to perform the same service for less or free. This then becomes a huge point of debate.

Before we get too carried away, it is important that we realize that this is a crime first and foremost and it is imperative that the culprits both the murderers and the those who paid them, if it was a contract killing are caught immediately and charged for this heinous crime for which the punishment is a death sentence, which for practical purposes is life without parole. It is therefore important that all is done to apprehend the suspects without delay or interference, especially political, as such crimes may have political overtones when the act such as this is done so brazenly in broad daylight.

Let us hope the actions of the police are immediate and hope that the perpetrators are caught and punished, so that the possibility of such a crime in the future is avoided.

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