Friday, October 21, 2011

This is just the beginning – Libya - Do we regret the side we chose to back?

When a country is ruled by a Dictator, there is stability on the surface, while dissent is not tolerated. There is a method by which organs of Government function, using various organs to keep the population under control. It was so in Libya until Benghazi rebelled.
                                    "DESPOTS ARE COWARDS"

There is no doubt the armed forces play a significant role in this regard in controlling outbreaks of sporadic violence and are usually brutally suppressed. The “Arab Spring” has shown us when there is a popular uprising, no amount of internal suppression can overcome it. The way the house of cards like Tunisia, Egypt, and now Libya has fallen is an example of the possible. Syria is likely to be next, but without oil for spoils, the regime is likely to brutally massacre a few more thousands before it happens, that is how Western power works if there is no self interest  to intervene, and may use Israel as their proxy via Mossad. When Benghazi erupted, they asked for help. There was a lot of criticism from anti-West majority on this interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.(Just think of what would have happened when the North rebelled if foreign interference was called in to attack Colombo!)

Taking a gamble with oil the prize, they helped, knowing that if they refused Ghadaffi would brutally quell the uprising. Intelligence that was gathered prompted Obama and European leaders, to offer air support for the rebels, which in the end is what culminated in the final demise of the President of Libya. He was spotted by a Drone, leaving Sirte in a convoy, (possible that Drone did not know he was in the convoy) when he finally realized the fall of Sirte was imminent. The French Mirages were sent into destroy the convoy, at which point Ghadaffi hid under a drain pipe, was found by the rebels and the rest is history! The caption "The leader found in a rat hole only to be killed by the rats"

While there is no question that it is a people’s uprising and if a poll was taken today 90% of the population would endorse the events, we must be careful in coming to predictions. It was Ghadaffi and his rule that people wanted out. So far that is all that has been achieved. Over 75% of the population have only ever known one leader, so any alternative is going to be very strange, and there will be as many ideas of how to establish a new constitution as there are tribes in Libya.

It will be a huge challenge to put aside personal agendas in the national interest. Let us hope the Libyan people will be able to enjoy the wealth of their country fairly and justly, unlike the way they divvied up the spoils in the past. We do not wish a repeat.



  1. tell me where has arab spring established a democracy ?
    why do you think west have a right to judge 'despots'? and intervene and replace despots to install its own despots ?
    do you think west is morally superior?

    why are you silent on bahrain ?
    or about how west 'brutally massacre' in iraq etc?

    may be you think western puppets in afghanistan and iraq are democrats?
    "no question that it is a people’s uprising and if a poll was taken today 90% of the population would endorse the events"? really? based on what sources are you saying this? would that count as a question? or are questions not allowed? is that what you mean 'no question'? lol

    fact is you are spouting nonsense fed to you by western media in this post. use your own brain.


    we and our government should act in its own self interest (like others).

    and as far as libya is concerned we have not made a mistake. we courted gaddafi when he was shaking hands with obama and getting invited and praised to g8. our leaders visited him along with most of western leaders.

    maybe you never heard of those things huh ? look at my blog for inks etc if you don't believe .

  2. @patta pal

    you are welcome to leave comments at my blog.
    i see that you have not answered any of the questions i raised in your blog. here or there

    unable to answer them you have taken comfort in silly speculations about my sleep etc . lol

    may be if you are able to be more rational you would be able to explain where i 'misinterpreted ' your post, instead of merely claiming i did.

    and perhaps if you care about truth you should also point out which of my statements are factually wrong and dream like ?

    i hate ppl who invade, occupy, murder, and loot, others assets, all the while hypocritically claiming to be acting for human rights. west seems to be doing just that. don't you agree?

    am i wrong to hate ppl who do that ?

    do answer! don't run!

    my track record going back years can be checked in my blog
    i was right about egypt, defeat of ltte, elections, etc , etc,

    seems that record indicate i am wide awake to reality and facts. are you ? lol