Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bond Commission – Counsel Representing the AG is a DONKEY

It is painfully obvious reading the statements of Dappula de Livera calling himself an Additional Solicitor General (in his dreams supposedly a President’s Counsel to boot!) is a DONKEY.

No trained lawyer would go about making unsubstantiated statements based on submissions by individuals to the Commission. It is the Commission to judge if this evidence is biased, credible and based on innuendo or fact. De Livera has assumed them as gospel, when most of it is tainted in personal vendetta. In short he is simply incompetent in the job he has been assigned and I hope his superiors are wise enough to be able to see truth from lies and fact from fiction!

For example take Nandalal Weerasinghe’s testimony. Just picking one point about the large number of transfers instigated by the then new Governor. Think about it, after 10 years of Rajapakse meddling the whole lot should have been transferred out! because via Nivaard Cabral and his cohorts, like their private bank, were handing out Govt. debt to friends and family like it was theirs to give. When you are thinking of instituting a completely new transparent auction system, you need people who are NOT stuck in the mud of private placement at forced interest rates to Govt. institutions, be it NSB or EPF. So a wholesale transfer was what I TOO would DO!

It is clear if we go back to the Rajapakse administration, the losers were the workers paying into EPF or ETF who got less in returns than they should have, as well as the NSB, who paid a pittance to the savers while lending to the Govt. at lower rates so bad investment decisions could be made by incompetent personnel!

This is cheating the people of Sri Lanka, who are the contributors of EPF and ETF and the lenders to the NSB that in turn lend the People’s Money to the Govt by forcing them to buy Treasury Bills at artificial rates bearing NO sense of reality and reasonableness.

(for crying out loud take the fact that Arjun Aloysius and Arjuna Mahendran are connected out of it as it JUST CLOUDS the purpose of the commission to determine if Mahendran was at fault).

The lack of transparency is something important in itself, which the PM should have been apprised of and corrective steps taken as noted by me in my blog entry of January 12th 2015, before the Bond Scandal hit the News, but NOT related to the initial analysis of Mahendran’s INTENT in carrying out the policies he has discussed with the PM in terms of what changes were needed in the CBSL. 

Nandalal is guilty as SIN in the prior administration and would DO HIS UTMOST to boost his unsustainable credibility in his submission to the committee, which was reported parrot fashion by the cretins in the Media, as they are unable to evaluate the personal grudges of those submitting erroneous reports that are reported as fact and wrong. So there is nothing wrong in the transfers that were made which Nandalal tried to expose as something horrendous!

Returning again to that one point about changing so many staff in CBSL, I would have done the same, in fact I would have fired Nandalal first, as his revengeful testimony has proved that he is NOT an objective person holding the interests of the Country foremost, but highlights his personal vendetta as clear as daylight of his THINKING that he should have been the BEST person to be appointed to the Governor post of CBSL! This is similar to the WA Wijewardene dreams also! 

It is sad that the media while reporting what is said, gives credibility for what is said without questioning the personal opinion based on insincere aim of the sumbitor! If the media questioned the motives of these individuals from DEW Gunesekera, Handunetti, Samarasinghe, Weerasinghe and a whole list of people making submissions we can safely conclude that their evidence is purely CONJECTURE aimed at confusing the poor old men of the COMMISSION and NOT in looking at JUSTICE as it relates to the brief given the Commission to see if culpable fraud actually took place to defraud the CBSL and therfore the GOSL of money which is the property of the people of Sri Lanka.  

Further today’s Island reports that the Defence Counsel representing Mahendran is pointing this anomaly of the Deputy Solicitor General’s remarks as being totally PARTIAL, that the Commission SHOULD be cognizant of as he is seeking personal fame for possible further advancement in the eyes of his superiors and NOT doing his job impartially to represent the AG in his capacity of representing the people of Sri Lanka to determine if willful fraud, and therefore a CRIME has taken place in this case.

Please read the link to understand the true nature of this allegation and why, but this appeal in my note here is merely for the people in the Commission, who are the only competent people who will understand the point I am trying to make in my rather convoluted writing here.  I am trying to explain the motives of all the actors in this drama, that is reported verbatim BUT NOT DISSECTED by competent journalists for lack of analytical ability of our Media FOOLS, who cant see what is actually so obvious, due to their INCOMPETENCE in their profession to even call themselves journalists that put real journalists to shame!

This CHARADE is clear as daylight to me and any independent intelligent person following the proceedings of the Commission, will know that 95% of what is said is personal bias NOT based on fact, and therefore the interpretation made by them of the wrongdoing is ONLY THEIR opinion and COULD BE WRONG!


I would appeal to the Independent Commission with years of experience in evaluating truth from fiction and right from wrong, to box all issues in either willful fraud, error of judgement and excellent strategy in weighing this CASE!


Arjuna Mahendran's biggest mistake was to accept the appointment of Governor of the CBSL, as he was NOT able to realize that this conflict of interest will dog him for the rest of his life, as it was so obvious and if the PM had read my blog entry on January 12th 2015 would NEVER HAVE APPOINTED HIM TO THAT POST IN THE FIRST PLACE AND PRESERVED HIS NOW TARNISHED LEGACY. 

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