Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The prequel! Made for Media Drama! The speculation behind Pippa Middleton’s wedding

to James Matthews and the Media frenzy that is in tow until the big day on Saturday 20th May 2017

Entertainment is at the heart of life, in this case primarily British life, where 90% of Brits live a mundane if contended, but event-less life of toil with their stiff upper lip! The typical day for working couples, with or without children is to rush through the morning, ensuring the order of the one bathroom is NOT upset, so everyone knows their place, from the time to wake up to time to leave, drop the kids and off to work in a hopelessly boring and frustrating commute to their jobs! Each one does their own breakfast with some eating as they drive or are driven, such is the rush to beat some deadline of attendance, work or school and some form of ID driven attendance register with thumb prints!

After a day of stress at work, they clock out having checked that the children got home on time, and where Mom is expected to get home to cook the tea with a hungry brood waiting to gobble it up before a series of TV programs for the older folk, with the young locked up in their rooms chatting on line and playing games on their consoles! Mother is shouting around ensuring the basic chores are done, like, washing the dishes, putting laundry out, and ironing clothes etc.

Some households are efficient others chaotic, but with NO time to think about what they are doing, it is simply a MUNDANE life to survive from day to day. Whether you earn 200K a year or 20K a year there is little difference in their lives, just a better house, more room, and a fancier car on the driveway that denotes higher income, but NOT much else, as life and stress and coping are what you make of it irrespective of what you have or have NOT!

In this stressful world, the areas of relief are about people’s lives and loves! With few friends to chat with after work, perhaps checking on Mom or Dad in a far off village or a relative in distress, the whole aspect of getting through the day, before bedtime. is a mechanical exercise with NO THINKING time.

So with the media speculating, newspapers reporting, and photos in color and betting on the mother’s and mother in law’s dress has become a pastime for some, the cost of the wedding and the baubles used to decorate it being of interest to others, and the guest list of interest to yet others, none of whom have ANY relationship to the couple, and are vicarious observers.

Considering wealth is involved, Pippa marrying above her station, just as her sister did, therefore involves a lot about the extravagance, the latest being the enormous cost of shipping a huge glass conservatory from Belgium to house the wedding party in a marquee, @ the Middleton home, like NO OTHER marquee.

Just look at the link for some of the speculation and interest!

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in such news and pictures and speculation, as that is a common form of gossip for people passing the day, and it is hype that is built up by the media to sell magazines by the million, (in short a mammoth commercial transactions) and with little royals playing their part as flower girls and page boys, and with Prince Harry’s girl friend in attendance, the frenzy gets worse, and to Pippa’s annoyance, possibly an unwelcome distraction from her big day, especially if Megan Markle gets more attention and publicity than herself.

Of course with wealth involved, there will be a lot on show. I don’t know if there was a frantic effort by some to get an invitation so that they will be noticed purely by the fact that they were invited, implying that they had made it to some kind of social position, as they  have little else to show for themselves.

Hence, not only will there be speculation as to the wedding list of invitees, what each wears will be scrutinized, and some may even borrow jewelry from famous names to put on show, and be noted for that for the jeweler to benefit from the publicity, as will some couturiers who will want their creations noted for others to wear, hence providing dresses at a lower than usual cost to gain publicity, knowing that immeasurable benefits COULD accrue to them.

There is speculation that photographers will ONLY be allowed a little time in a strategic place, and so there will be an exclusive photographer who will pay a million pounds for the rights, at the wedding, which results in Pippa’s glass marquee paid for 10 times over! Frankly if the wedding planner is clever, the wedding SHOULD NOT COST THE Middletons ANY MONEY, and they could actually cash out big time on it. The publicity that it will generate can be sold big time, for exclusive coverage for magazines and even international magazines, where this made for publicity wedding is going to be the first wedding of its kind where the Bride walks away with a 10Million pound profit simply from getting married, so that if they divorce the next day, they can just pocket this kind of money and life a splendid life for the rest of their lives.


It is quite obvious, the British public have been taken for an ALMIGHTY ride by all the hangers on, who are bound to milk this wedding for what it is worth to line their pockets, and those who are BOUND to benefit the most are the Middletons, and possibly Pippa, as James Matthews looks the type who will be used and spewed up once his worth is milked out leaving him desolate!

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